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  1. lfcjunkie

    The group "Magnetic Touch "

    Different CD than one I have .... mines all male group... though I haven't found CD yet.... the guy in the pic looks like same guy on my CD...
  2. lfcjunkie

    The group "Magnetic Touch "

    I have CD from the 90s features couple of decent tracks on it but can't remember the name of them.... I'll try find it and see what info is on there Dave L
  3. lfcjunkie

    Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities - 7" release

    I received a message off Ernie himself this morning Martin he said the 7 is 'very limited and he was lucky to get a copy for himself after a terrible year I'm glad to hear about the interest regarding the 45'.... Dave L
  4. lfcjunkie

    V Rare Modern Boogie / Deep - Richard Mark

    You may be better asking Brian Or just if it's the Richard Marks from Atlanta the Tuska/Shout /Note guy... Brian is Agent45 on here....
  5. lfcjunkie

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Some of them are 'dj's ' now...
  6. lfcjunkie

    Barbara Stant - Superman + 3 more

    I think you may mean Barbara Blake 'superman'... pretty sure lp only on 20th century...although I just got the feeling there is 45 too
  7. lfcjunkie

    James Taylor and Lee Williams

    James Taylor is on ovide.... great record good luck Dave L
  8. lfcjunkie

    They Call It Crossover Mix

    Fantastic mix Dave.... Ray Quarles is just sheer soul perfection for me... I'd never part with... Dave L
  9. lfcjunkie

    News: Dean Johnson R.I.P.

    Real sad news.... Dean was something else with the record reviews (He tipped Towana, Brenda Jones when they were a tenner each and many more)..referring to passing kestrels and dentists even a vicar I think ..was always good to chat to in the shop in Manchester and getting some nice tunes off him.... rest in peace Dean.... Dave Longbottom
  10. lfcjunkie

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    Couldn't have put it better Joan
  11. lfcjunkie

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    Yeh Chalky ... he has the voice and to consider it looks or sounds live singing you can understand him sounding a little different plus it's old clip.... I hope it's him as I've wondered what he looked like since the day I first heard him (as you do) Dave L
  12. Heard that very same show... my jaw dropped too at the Just Brothers too!
  13. lfcjunkie

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    Remember buying that still got it somewhere... a boot of course....
  14. lfcjunkie

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    That's the one Chalky .... do you know /think if it could possibly be him?
  15. lfcjunkie

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    Gotta agree Pete it probably went to another level at Clifton Hall... Dave


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