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  1. Hi Looking for a decent copy of: Marva Whitney ‎– Live And Let Live / Don't Let Our Love Fade Away on Excello. Issue only, not the promo with 'live and let' on both sides. Anyone got one up for grabs? PM with condition and price please. Thanks for reading Paul
  2. Interesting but went off on several tangents. And not really about the broader scene but concentrated on a few clubs in London. A decent watch anyway.
  3. Thanks all! I got a refund so might as well go ahead and attempt the repair. Slight issue is although it still plays, despite best efforts to line up, I can see through the crack when held up to the light. I think it must have shifted slightly under the label or something to cause that. Just a further question. It's styrene. So if superglue is no good for that, is there an alternative? Thanks again.
  4. Hope it's okay to post this here.. I received a 45 today that arrived with a crack from centre to edge (owing to woefully inadequate packaging by the seller). It's not a record that turns up all that often and I might be able to salvage something from this disaster as the record still plays (albeit with a click on each turn...) So what's the best way of strengthening / repairing that? I've seen a John Manship video on YouTube that involves applying a thin layer of superglue to paper and then gently rolling the damaged part of the edge in the superglue. Is superglue ok to use w
  5. Beautiful, haunting, dreamy sound.
  6. Mala discontinued the blue label at some point in the late 60s and started using the yellow label for both issues and demos.
  7. Great article and mouthwatering list! My only challenge is this bit: ..because the majority on the list seem to be records that were known / played / big in the 80s / 90s on the side of the scene I was involved in. That was 30+ years ago. So from my perspective, these are oldies, just a different generation's oldies.
  8. Does this qualify? Jack Warner gives advice to his mod son whose bird, 'just doesn't want to know' in his son's 'own language'. (Extra NS points for being entitled, 'You've Got The Gear'). I mean, it's terrible but I think it's absolutely hilarious and would love to find a copy...
  9. Speaking for myself, I'm loving the online events that have emerged. I think that way of doing things has a lot of potential even after lockdown ends..
  10. Quite a few good soul tracks on those Dr John comps you mention. The Zu Zu Blues Band one was also done as 'Brown Sugar' by Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. From the labels, I think these were done in LA during the period when Rebennack / Dr John relocated there and worked as part of the Wrecking Crew (which led to the brilliant 'Gris Gris' LP being recorded, in downtime on a Cher session, I believe).
  11. Dug out this one this week. 1960 US hit and very early days, Roger Eagle Twisted Wheel sound I believe, from the great James Booker. What a groove!:
  12. The one Guy played was known as, 'The Michigan Move' by The Phrenetics Band. Superb sound. Made up title and artist? Don't know if anyone knows who / what it actually is and I can't play the link so I don't know if it's even that we're discussing!
  13. Regarding the Stax / Goldwax Eddie Jefferson, I notice a couple of his relatives have commented under this recently if someone wants to try contacting them:
  14. That'll be the jazz vocalist Eddie Jefferson. Doubt it's him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Jefferson
  15. I have no idea how old they were when they made 'Showstopper'. Do you? I was just pointing out that the original picture on this thread does not seem to be contemporary to the release on Hem. I've said why I think that. I don't know which picture you're referring to in your second sentence. I'm saying the picture on the French EP isn't the Hem group . No idea whether the picture originally under discussion is them or not.
  16. Sorry, but the cut and styling of their clothes is not from the 1960s. Size of the lapels and collars, the fit of their suits, the cut of the double breasted jacket on the left all look late 70s or 1980s, definitely not 1960s. There were at least two 50s /doo-wop groups called the Cashmeres but seem unconnected to the group who did 'Showstopper'. These guys for example. They'd have to have aged a lot in 10 years for that to be a pic of them in 1965!
  17. That picture is no way from the time of the record's release, though (1965). Their clothes are 1980s and the guys look to be in their 40-50s. Interesting that they kept going.
  18. I don't follow how it is tailor made though? What's the story? Came out as Marke Jackson in US, didn't it?
  19. Apparently, the licensing was in place thru the Flaming Emeralds release and John Anderson heard /discovered the Carol Anderson record on a subsequent visit. Hence he brought over copies the record on Fee and was able to follow on with a swift release on Grapevine. The two releases have always been available in roughly equal quantities in my experience and both used to be very plentiful and cheap.
  20. No. Not a tailor-made at all. Although the US release and the UK one on Grapevine came out the same year (I think) which to my mind, makes the UK one simply a UK release of a recent US release rather than a 'reissue'.
  21. Just seen this on Twitter. Very sad news indeed.
  22. What about the jaw-droppingly poor organ instrumental versions that Simon Soussan turned up and played at Wigan? (I think that's right - too young myself). I heard a tape once and it was very bad indeed. What was the reaction at the time? And did any of those ever come out?
  23. I knew it was played at the Mecca but thought there was some question of how it originated because of the involvement of Danny Leake who collaborated with Ian Levine on a lot of his 'tailor-mades'. He was also in the group 100% Pure Poison and worked on loads of other stuff with other/major artists that Ian wasn't involved with too, of course. Just noticed while checking this comment on Discogs that Danny Leake apparently passed away a couple of weeks ago, sadly. So RIP to the man... https://www.discogs.com/artist/366574-Danny-Leake?page=1

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