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  1. I think you'd get Malcolm Hayes from anywhere between £70 and £100 but as John states I think prices will have to drop in the current climate. I'm seeing a lot of Soul friends posting on Facebook that they've lost their jobs , no income , no record buying.
  2. RIP He made some great records and contributed to many more This is my favourite by him " I'll always love you"
  3. A really good and decent man whose articulate words of reason will be much missed in these troubled times . His death is a huge loss to the Soul scene , RIP Win . My thoughts are with his family at this time Manus
  4. I can understand a one off recording of an event and thankfully there's a bit footage of events that offset the idea that everyone dressed and danced in only one style ( Wigan doc). But mostly the video/camera recording is not about creating a document of time and place anymore it's more about a performance for the camera and folks aren't living in the moment of the record anymore but more interested in the resulting YouTube video.
  5. I agree that back in the day even the top DJs would on occasions play boots or emi discs. I remember one well known DJ/promoter whose box was about two thirds emis and he was able to play all the latest top sounds which in fairness did attract punters. But if we are talking about it being the " sound" that counts then the sound quality was in the main really poor when playing the boots/emis and we may have put up with it when we were young but I wouldn't want to do that now. I was at a venue a about 5 years back and even without going up to the decks the sound quality ( or lack of it) of many
  6. James Phelps for me first heard this at Mickey Powney's house in Birtley around 1975/76 and thought it was brilliant and then was very pleased hear it and the other ( all good) versions being spun late 80s.
  7. I wish my postman would knock louder as I've lost count of the times when there's been someone in the house but the little red slip has been quietly posted through the door and I've had to go to the PO to pick a record up.
  8. Surely shuffling to records has been around since the scene began. I think it can be done to any tempo or era and is just a style of dancing although I'd agree wholeheartedly with the original poster on Gene McDaniels. Major Lance dancing to Monkey Time is a prime example of shuffling that influenced UK Soul folks It was just later adapted to get a bit more funky to 70s sounds at venues like the Mecca and records like The Bottle What folks refer to as stomping which emerged at Wigan maybe late 76 to records like Captain of my ship was a further a
  9. Edwin without a doubt for me too . I'd say it was one of the most Soulful records ever spun on the scene here. Always sent a shiver down the spine sung with feeling and absolute conviction.
  10. Sorry meant to post this Doris Duke I don't care anymore
  11. There's no right or wrong way to dance and always great just to see folks getting into the music. I saw a woman a couple of months back who clearly wasn't a Soul event regular come into a venue by herself and then dance by herself for about two hours just doing her own thing it was a pleasure to watch. There's too many precious people who feel threatened by someone just getting into the music in their own way and not following the regimented dance steps that supposedly say " I belong".
  12. I'll be in touch John for a copy the first volume was very informative. All the best Manus
  13. Marlina Mars Just another dance ?
  14. I remember about 12 years back having my breakfast and listening to Radio 4 before heading to work. They had a House DJ on talking about the emergence of the rave scene and she said to the interviewer to supposedly put things into context " that you have to remember that this was the first time that young people could dance all night in England and it changed the face of clubbing" I nearly choked on my breakfast cereal.

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