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  1. I work in an academic library and about 12 years or so back I was taking around a group of new post graduate students explaining how the Library functions. We used to have a large spoken word collection on vinyl mainly poetry and plays and a record player for...
  2. I always feel a mix of sadness & happiness hearing these two Darrell Banks Beautiful feeling Cissy Houston He/ I Believe
  3. Poll: Version Battle - Ever again

    Bernie for me the vocal a little bit more mature and the one I heard first and memories associated. An old non Soul friend who I hadn't seen for about 35 years friended me on Facebook a year or so back. He was living in Los Angeles and remembering that I...
  4. Jerry Cook for me still a brilliant record
  5. Burnley Cats Whiskers All-dayers 28 May 79

    I remember one of the alldayers at CW but sure it was earlier than 1979 ( maybe 77 or 78) and it was just before xmas and one of the fellas in our company the late Terry Sprott was getting anxious about not having bought family xmas presents. So he decided to...
  6. Value Wanted Please

    I remember one sat on John Manships site about 5 years back for about £40/£50 I had kept meaning to pick it up but by the time I got around to it , it was gone. There was one for sale on here maybe two or three years back for about £60/£70 , it's not tha...
  7. Great playlists Kev , sounds like a brilliant time all round , well done All the best Manus
  8. Good Angel aka Charlie (Kev) Jarvis

    Sad news rest in peace Soul Brother Manus
  9. Mr Flood's Party - Picture of Band

    And written by Gene McDaniels
  10. All about booze?? Or the music??

    It all sounds very similar to down here Kev , Soul Kitchen up in Tunbridge Wells is my favourite event and I think it has the same music policy as the H & G and your event in Durham which I heard great reports about. I will try to get up there at some poi...
  11. All about booze?? Or the music??

    My favourite Soul night has a bar and most folks that attend like a drink , we also spend most of the night discussing the music with folks running up to the decks whenever something is played that is not known to us and coming back with the information , rec...
  12. Feedback

    Thanks for your help Mike Cheers Manus
  13. Feedback

    Hello Mike Seems to be a problem leaving Feedback it's showing page not found. Cheers Manus
  14. News: Tommy Tate RIP

    Very sad news Rip Tommy Tate Adrian Corbin and Greg Burgess did a fantastic tribute to Tommy on last nights Radio Uckfield Soul Show What a voice Tommy had. Manus
  15. Lou Reed's influences . Funk Bros ?

    I think if you listen to Walk on the Wild Side and then to Forgive Me Darrell Banks you can hear how it influenced Reeds record. More so on the Darrell Banks version than the earlier JJ Barnes take I'm sure this must have been commented on before as...