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  1. Edwin without a doubt for me too . I'd say it was one of the most Soulful records ever spun on the scene here. Always sent a shiver down the spine sung with feeling and absolute conviction.
  2. Sorry meant to post this Doris Duke I don't care anymore
  3. Doris Duke just tremendous
  4. There's no right or wrong way to dance and always great just to see folks getting into the music. I saw a woman a couple of months back who clearly wasn't a Soul event regular come into a venue by herself and then dance by herself for about two hours just doing her own thing it was a pleasure to watch. There's too many precious people who feel threatened by someone just getting into the music in their own way and not following the re..
  5. I'll be in touch John for a copy the first volume was very informative. All the best Manus
  6. manus

    Any Ideas ??

    Marlina Mars Just another dance ?
  7. I remember about 12 years back having my breakfast and listening to Radio 4 before heading to work. They had a House DJ on talking about the emergence of the rave scene and she said to the interviewer to supposedly put things into context " that you have to remember that this was the first time that young people could dance all night in England and it changed the face of clubbing" I nearly choked on my breakfast cereal.
  8. manus

    earliest youth club memories

    They used to play Kazenatz Katz at the Oxford Galleries , Newcastle 1969/70 along with mainly Motown and Reggae . I also remember someone giving it a spin at Wigan maybe around 1976 which was bit unexpected but about power for the course back then.
  9. We often used to go to Rowntrees circa 1974 before catching the last train on to Wigan. Lot's of "characters" in there
  10. Wonderful song really haunting one of those you can play over and over again and still get that Soul thrill.
  11. manus

    British seventies soul, Sweet Sensation.

    Really like this song saw them live in Torquay summer of 1974 when working down there ( think the venue was called the Castle). Lots of Soul folks there. Pretty sure I saw the Real Thing down there that summer too maybe on the same bill but memory a bit blurred now
  12. No she wandered off thinking her job here was done and my life would now be properly fulfilled due to her Clapping instructions. I'll be forever grateful to her
  13. Hope this is in the spirit of the first post in terms of being approached by someone new to the scene , I remember being at an alldayer maybe 10 years ago on the South Coast. I’ve never been a “communal clapper “ when dancing but occasionally do that clap ( noiseless) behind the back that Soul folks used to do back in the day , picked up from groups like the Temps. And I dress in a normal contemporary style so probably do..
  14. manus

    Wigan Top 20 June 1975

    Ollie Jackson , Lou Pride , Tamiko Jones , Mel Britt , Mikki Farrow all great records in my opinion. Sharonettes , Chantelles real cringe records and low points at the time but there’s been plenty of those over the years.
  15. manus

    Soulful Neighbours

    An old friend of mine who's not a Soul fan lives in Los Angeles and he got in touch after many years and remembering I was into Soul asked if I might have heard of his next door neighbour Gene Woodbury.