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  1. You may be able to right a few comments in the neutral or positive NON PAYER.
  2. Hi iam after a original M-copy of Frankie and Johnny/I'll hold you/Hickory/ 45-1391.No boots please Contact pm thanks.
  3. I had a black stock copy way back in the 70s played perfect no distortion.
  4. Ye bought a couple myself top quality and great service by Ray.
  5. Original only please, please state condition and price. Please pm.
  6. George Kirby/ What can i do Salvadors/ Stick by me baby.
  7. Nearly sure Harry looks the same as storm warning boot to me..Mick.
  8. F--k this might aswell throw my records in the bin now.
  9. Because the fu...rs are thick Harry and to much money.Mick.
  10. Was at that one in birtly Pete suprised you have that flyer and Mr southport weekender alex lowes on the decks.
  11. And this think this might be the one pete is referring to.
  12. Hi iam after a original copy of The Precisions/Such Misery/Drew 1001 must be Mint or M- no drill holes and clean labels please pm.Thanks.

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