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    My Girls Charlotte and Tamla, Northern Soul, Coarse Fishing, Good Food, anything for an easy life.
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  1. I was there with you Gary at the Attic and Billy Stewart doing Summertime was actually better live than the recording and his showmanship was superlative.
  2. Allo just came across this feed am from West Melton used to go to Mexborough Disc a GoGo in the 60s John Wrona (may be misspelt) first Djayed there then Gary Cooper took over and a few of used to do a bit to help out ( Rob Gillis, Roy Dyson, Jeff Hope, Ian Hydes and myself ) i also used to do the warm up in the Miners Arms. Used to go to the Bin Lid and Attic nighters and a venue in Barnsley cant remember the name. Cant remember what artists appeared at the DAGG remember seeing Ben E King and the drifters at the Bin Lid. Edwin Starr. The Platters, and Billy Stewart at the Attic. When Gary took
  3. Night Owls Northern Soul Alldayer at the Volks, Madeira Drive, Brighton. 12pm til 8pm (usualy ends around 10pm ish) Free Entry Dj's spinning top vinyl (no cd's) Alfie Linney, Steve Johnson, Kieran Lockyear, Andrew Vella, Linda Seddon, Tracey Shaw, John Browne, Colin Innocenti, Colin Baldock, Simon Bridger, Tony Castle, Jok Evans. its part of Brightona Charity Festival all along Madeira drive more info for that here http://www.brightona.net/
  4. Hi the faster version also come out on british Minit in the sixties dont have my copy at hand hand for reference. Played out in Mexborough 68/69 I think. Jok
  5. I have received this email from mischino Let me tell you a thing or 2. All those records you claim are all real and were pressed in the UK. I have been selling them for a while I am almost done, wish I had more. ASlso all those records were unreleased or never on Vinly before until they were put out. They are some of my best sellers. All the dealers tell you that they are not real but they all want to buy them from me. I wish I had more John Manship#1 phoney -mischino. Comments anybody!!!. Jok
  6. Hi all just to let you be aware of buying records from mischino on ebay as some are Boots All the Best and Happy New Year to you all. Jok
  7. Allo you can contact me on 07949722931 email nightowl@1stcounsel.com Jok Evans
  8. Thank you all for your replies it is the Joe Vandiver version any ideas where I may locate a copy or any info about him. Cheers Jok Evans
  9. Hi can someone tell who did the cover/other version of Lou Roberts, You Fooled Me. I think Butch used to play it. Thanks Jok
  10. Mexborough The Home of Northern Soul (Without a Doubt) I remember the fantastic times I used to have at the Disco Go Go in the 60Ts where I was first introduced to the Soul scene also The Attic in Doncanster, Bin Lid Dewsbury, Sharades Rotherham etc. I used to do the warm up spot at the Miners Arms if any one remembers. Gary Cooper used to measure us for our suits at Burtons I think!. With regards to all you Soulies in Mexborough Jok Evans (from Wath originaly First Issue) PS is Harry Dews still open ?
  11. Should come with a goverment health warning Danger Northern Soul Pox No Known Cure Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth

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