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  1. Where To Go In 2010

    come down here and stay at mine anytime Sharron x
  2. Caledonian Soul In Watford N The 2Nd Oct

    Thanks for that. Looks like we have a possible lift back, but I didn't know the trains ran that late so that's great. Thanks so much for the tip too!
  3. Just wondering if anyone's driving back into town after the do? Would love to split petrol for a lift back. There's two of us going, I think getting there should be fine on the train. Thanks
  4. Soul Revolution - Chelmsford

    Poor Sam's age increases by five years every time someone talks about it
  5. Soul Revolution - Chelmsford

    shoulda guessed. I'm 41 this month, might look odd hanging with the cool kids...
  6. Soul Revolution - Chelmsford

    I was gonna make it down there sometime anyway but now I know Jodie goes I'll be there. Is she into Northern now? She's done other scenes so I guess Northern is next. Was she wearing strategic beer towels? Or patches? Shame on you James for not taking pictures!
  7. Best Bassline

    funky nassau - beginning of the end
  8. Best Bassline

    I think the Stetsasonic nicks heavily from Donald Byrd's Dominoes and then there's a sample of it on the b-side. For me it's I'm cumin home in the mornin - Lou Pride and What's it Gonna Be - dusty, beginnings - Astrud Gilberto
  9. Don Thomas - Come On Train

  10. the clip on you tube is the longer version, I wondered if that was an LP track. Goosebumps choon. xxx just looked for it but it's gone
  11. Paul Ogrady

    Liam could charge a quid for each tomato thrown
  12. Paul Ogrady

    I've never been so depressed
  13. Sidney Barnes - Hows He Doing Now?

    I received word from him a few weeks ago. He's living in Las Vegas, doing the gig circuit there, seems very happy, still married to Clella-Anne, though I'm not sure where she'll hang out in a sinful city. He's recording and performing live still and I'm sure ...
  14. Birds Wanted For Telly Prog

    A friend forwarded this link: http://www.beonscreen.com/uk/tv-shows/audi...n-soul-2347.asp