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  1. It has got a pre-amp, but not because it has usb! The latest version of this deck has usb and phono-only output. The usb is because it has an external sound-card built in for using with a computer - it can connect to a laptop or PC or mac or whatever that has appropriate software installed (plenty of free software out there) and you can then convert vinyl sounds to digital sounds.
  2. Line level is what you can feed into AUX input of an amp - phono level is raw output from the turntable and needs to go either into a pre-amp or a phono input on the amp. So you can connect the red and white outputs to the inputs on the AUX channel, put the switch on to line, and all will be good. Or if you get an amp with a phono channel, connect to that and put the switch to phono (might be worth trying both options if you have a phono amp - if the turntable has a better pre-amp than the amp, then it would be better to use that).
  3. Mind you, this is also one of the greatest records ever made .... I'd better stop there!
  4. Title: faith, hope & charity - baby don't take your love - maxwell Artist: faith hope and charity Track: baby don't take your love Label: maxwell Record information:
  5. Too right - how about a Northern Soul Theme Park?
  7. Title: flame - rock 'n' soul - southern tracs Artist: flame Track: rock 'n' soul Label: southern tracs Record information:
  8. OK, so here is my theory. If you look at the interview with Darrow Fletcher from the Xmas 1975 Blues & Soul, he talks about recording an album. I reckon that the tracks he recorded were: It's No Mistake Try Something New We've Got To Get An Understanding This Time (I'll Be The Fool) Improve Let's Get Together Rising Cost Of Love Honey, Can I So all the singles released from 1975 onwards were from that session referred to in the article.
  9. Title: darrow fletcher - improve - atco added by Funky Si on 18 Aug 2010 in the soul-clips refosoul category artist: darrow fletcher title: improve label: atco label extra: no info entered audio/video: audio info posted: I only have the demo of this one - an issue went for over $400 a few months ago ..... link to reofosoul clip info page
  10. Title: darrow fletcher - improve - atco Artist: darrow fletcher Track: improve Label: atco Record information: i only have the demo of this one - an issue went for over $400 a few months ago .....

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