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  1. Koolkat

    Northern Soul - vintage live videos

    Never heard that vibrations before. Brilliant.
  2. Koolkat

    Non Vinyl

    See...........Ive never heard that Bessie Jones before. That's how mad northern soul is.
  3. Koolkat

    Mr. Floods Party on JM's auction

    How come the Anita Moore song is credited to Les McCann as being the composer? Am I missing something?
  4. Koolkat

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Yep. This absolutely reeks of the Casino closely followed by Nancy wilson .....End of our love.
  5. Koolkat

    Youth Club Soul

    Pleckgate school youth disco on a Friday night, St Gabriels on a Saturday night and West End on a Sunday night. All in Blackburn. There were a couple during the week as well at The Courts. Patchwork and star jumpers, two tone parallels form Blackburn Market, Como shoes from a local shop named Sokos and check shirts from Watson and Wrigleys. Crombie for winter. Braided Barathea blazer made an appearance a few months on. Music was Boogaloo Party, Breakout, The Next In Line, Cum-a-la-be-stay, all the Motown biggies etc. This would be 1972. A. little kid wet behind the ears. Amazing to think 18 months further on in life I would be hitting Wigan, Blackpool etc a fully fledged soul boy.
  6. Koolkat

    Poll: Version Battle - Run For Your Life

    Harrison Brothers for me. Sounds more urgent. Would love to have danced to this bitd.
  7. Koolkat

    Dancing In Trainers

    Superb. Just as I remember. Best shoes ever for dancing in.
  8. Koolkat

    Caneil label

    I'm confused. I seem to remember I had a disc on the Caneil label "How can I forget". I think it was by Joey Dee?? But what's got me confused is I seem to think it was a much slower song than the "Wigan" biggie of 74. A different song altogether. Iv actually had the record but sold it ages ago. And now I've no clue to what it was. Anyone any ideas as to what it was. Or am I mistaken about everything.
  9. Koolkat

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Definite edge to the all-nighters from 73 to 75 when I was starting out. You had to keep alert for sure. I never carried lots of money on me. Dubes were hidden in the midweek in certain places that you could pick up at the weekend on your way to the nighters. Most towns had older guys who would terrorise us youngsters. I'm from Blackburn and we had them. One notorious chap tried to take my Como shoes off me midweek at a local disco. Bastard. I've never forgotten that. I shit my pants.
  10. Koolkat

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Johnny Seven one man army gun and walkie talkie.
  11. I had a shoe that was bought on Wigan market. Quite a few of us had them. They had a styrene cream coloured sole and a criss cross pattern on the upper. Colours where red and also black. Anyone remember them? They were great for dancing and looked the part too. This would be 1976ish
  12. St Michaels warehouse in Bolton is where I bought my leather from. 47 inch long and cost £47. My chest size was 30 inch and waist 28 inch. The lady who measured me had to write on the order " These measurements are correct". I was a proper skinny rat. Too many drugs.
  13. My God....16 years of age....wet behind the ears...bum fluff on my chin. I swear those where the times of my life. Brilliant Brilliant memories. What a record when fueled up. .
  14. Koolkat

    earliest youth club memories

    Back Street, You Get Your Kicks, Boogaloo Party. Two tone parallels and star jumper. No whiskers just bumfluff on the chin. Whats not to like. God I feel proper old now.
  15. Wigan.......Afternoon of the Rhino sounded great.


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