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  1. Can't believe I've only just heard this record. I was active on the the scene from 73 up until 81.Where was I when this was played.? How come I've never heard it until 2 weeks ago. What a record! Proper Northern
  2. I don't know why, but when I listen to this song I always think of Jackie Edwards....Come on home. I know they are poles apart in sound but I cant stop it from happening in my mind. I must have heard them played back to back at a venue and its stuck with me. It happens with Janie grant ....My heart your heart and Jades .......That's where its at too.
  3. Always loved this for as long as I can remember. Proper northern.
  4. See,.... If this had been recorded by someone else say.....Paul Sindab......it would have been accepted different. Punter 1......Have you heard that new sound that Dj x has found by Paul Sindab on Ideal? Punter 2......No. What's it like? Punter 1......Superb. It's gonna go massive. It's proper rare too.
  5. Agree. Proper northern soul intro. Very infectious at 3am.
  6. Just how good is "Uptight". I've always rated it but as I get older I just think it gets better and better. Brilliant music and so simply put together. Love it.
  7. What???? Why would you say this? The man's obviously into his northern. Why wouldn't he want to share?
  8. One flew over the cuckoos nest. Deliverance. Kellys hero's. School for scoundrels. Dirty rotten scoundrels.
  9. I got a monitors lp in the Blackburn branch. 1974.
  10. Levi all day. Brook Benton could nail a song too.
  11. That's a great sound. Never heard that before.
  12. End of our love.......Brilliant. That and Please Operator, Neverless, Anne Perry will always always remind me of my earliest visits to the Casino. Rip Nancy. Thank you.
  13. Never heard that vibrations before. Brilliant.

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