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  1. Yes same here bought a lot of boots from him, I didn't know any different at the time, still got them. Had my flat rewired recently, & while shifting stuff around came across a load in a box & thought I'll play them later. Some were decent quality others were dreadful Think I have some lists somewhere, I'm sure he sold cheaper end originals as well.
  2. Looking for a copy of Voice Masters Two Lovers Frisco in decent condition please. Msg me if you can help thanks Dave
  3. Can anyone put me out of my misery & tell me what song has the same backing to John Parker Just A Thing Called Love ? Many Thanks
  4. Thanks for the link much appreciated Some lovely stuff there Gilly many thanks
  5. Cheers Gilly, it means a lot to folk out here mate that you've done this All the best Dave
  6. Bought this about 18 years ago on JOBY, used to play it out to not much interest & don't think I've seen it mentioned much since so quite surprised to see this poll but not half as much as seeing that manship has one on JOBY up for auction. Was it getting plays before/during lockdown ? My Love is Real is the side for me, with you Kev I'd be disappointed hearing the other side played out, (at a Northern event) awful to me.
  7. Looking forward to it Gilly, free CD ? Fantastic When do we pay you ? Cheers Dave
  8. One of my favourites of Johnnys songs. RIP Johnny Nash
  9. It doesn't help with where it was first played etc Ady but Randy sold me an issue of I've Gotta Get Myself Together & a demo of I've Gotta Find Her in late 70s. Don't go was also supposed to be part of the deal but thought he had sold it as he couldn't find it. No my memory isn't that great he wrote it all on the sleeve which I've Gotta Get Myself Together still sits in, not RCA sleeve unfortunately but Spring !!!
  10. Put me down for a copy please Gilly, I can't wait. I'll send an email All best Dave
  11. In the C&W vein for sure, if unreleased I can see/hear why.
  12. Yes very lo fi yet the other side is fine, bloody annoying !
  13. Hi Still looking for a copy of this if anyone has one Many Thanks Dave
  14. Ah right I can see that now, so what I found isn't wood but hardened palm ? Thanks all for your replies
  15. Many thanks for the reply, I have zilch knowledge of trees plants etc so bear with me, I understand re the stranded sections as part of the stem but can't see where the other end fits in ....if that makes sense ?
  16. Not a great photo (or even a good one I was stretching & it's out of focus) so apologies if I'm stepping out of line. About 5 years ago I had been out on an early morning trip to photograph the sunrise & was walking back along a beach in Corfu when I noticed what turned out to be a piece of wood as in the photo & I just wondered if anybody can identify what it is. The grooves that you see don't appear to go through to the other side which looks the same as this side. However what I thought was a solid center could well be compacted sand/earth. It is very light & feels quite bri
  17. Looking for a decent copy at a reasonable price. I'm unemployed be kind Thanks Dave
  18. Put me down for one Gilly please (What's it about ? )
  19. Many Thanks Rob, first time in over 2 years Hope that you're well mate All bestDave
  20. Cheers Des, hope you're keeping well. Cheers Fred
  21. Here’s what I played @ Wall of Heartache 07/12/19 Sherlock Holmes - Standing at a Standstill - Part III Jimmey Soul Clark - I’ll be your Winner - Soul Hawk Moonlighters - Lonely Baby - Lamp Ascots Anytime - Mir - A – Don Dynamics - Whenever I’m Without You – Top Ten Jimmy McFarland - Lonely Lover – RPR Betty Turner - The Winds Kept Laughing – Crescent Gene Chandler - I Hate To Be The One To Say – Constellation Parliaments - Heart Trouble – Golden World Ronnie Forte - That Was Whiskey Talkin’ – Tarx Creations - I Wan’na Talk To You – Paul W

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