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  1. My first Nighter was Wigan Casino September 1974 coach from Wolverhampton with my mate Neil "Brew" Brewin. he was only 15 at the time. I had my 18th birthday in January 1975 and spent it at the Casino, rather than out with my other mates at a pub. Music Harold Melvin - Get Out and Gary Lewis and the Playboys - My Hearts Symphony Larry
  2. After 2/3 years thinking about it, I finally made the decision and sold my entire collection last year. I had a number of reasons for doing so, some included theft and then the Insurance to claim, especially not listing and validation etc. Most important was a few people I know sold up and I was always mindful, that one day through age, it would be a case of down hill health or death and then you have boxes and boxes or records sitting about. It was painful to let records go that meant so much to me and my wife, but we had logically planned what we were going to do with the money. I was re-investing it in the house for our own comforts, which we will possible need in later years. I am not advocating that everyone should sell up, it's their own choice on what they do or don't do. Our life style is different to 10 years ago and in another 10 years I don't wanna be over 70 wheeling record boxes about to sell records. I have some great memories of the soul scene and still go out when we want to and I don't feel the need and pressure to buy the next record anymore. Whilst some people are still buying, I have spoken to Four people in the last week and One who has recently sold up and three others planning to. Best of luck to those who still buy records and the best of luck to those who sell up.....5% of me is Sad, but 95% is glad I'm off the Merry Go Round!!
  3. Me and my mate Neil Brewin went to the New 67 Club (Former Noddys Night Club?) that night. I remember going early, as we thought this was going to be rammed and a big queue of soulies...How wrong! We went straight in without no fuss, I think that was the setting for the night. I remember people leaving early and we decided to go before it finished. The location of the club was not in the best of places and frequented by Ladies of the night, Dealers and Pimps and of course they were in that night. We never bothered going to another ICSC venue again.
  4. Larrymc


  5. Many many good "B" sides, but there is one for me which is one heart wrenching tune - Edwin Starr - If my heart could tell a story - TMG 692 - "A" Side Way over there
  6. No wishing to spoil the DB find, but I have read about the Frank Wilson and like to state the following and could back up Rob's statement. Back in about 1999/2000 I had a conversation with a known West Midlands DJ and we got on the subject about FW. I must say that I have never found this person to be untruthful and is totally honest, so this is what he stated to me. "There are not two FW's there are five and the three are in private collections in the UK, which have been undisclosed to the soul world. All I can tell you is, that one (The 3rd one) is in the hands of a West Midlands collector and I have seen and handled it when I went round to his house; This was not a copy, but 100% genuine. I did ask him who this was and he was not saying the collectors name as he swore he would not say who had it or how he got it, but he lives in the West Midlands. The other two copies by all accounts are in the hands of collectors who have a passion for collecting Rare Records and live in the south of England and got a lot of cash. I've said - Now for the Tin Hat
  7. In Mint I would have thought a minimum of £75 upwards, hope this helps
  8. Hi Keith - I know someone who sold one earlier part of the year £350, hope this helps
  9. Just thought I would like to update you on the Lea Manor. Yesterday I spoke to a builder who stated that the owner has now had full permission for Residential use and development is or has already started. He didnt know if this meant demolishing the building or turning the place in to flats.
  10. No more to be said really, but nice to read the comments so far. I know we had the support of some core people who came to the nighters and in the early days to the soul nights. The music policy was "Open" and left up to the DJ's to play what they wanted, this what made the place. But sadly the numbers just wasn't there and the committee had made a choice to stop the nighters. As for the future, it's getting difficult to find a venue like this, large or small. So at the moment Col and myself will reflect on the whole soul scene as there are plenty of venues running every weekend; again a big thanks to you all for the support over 3yrs it has left some wonderful treasured memories.
  11. Bishops Wood 11th December All Nighter is cancelled and no sadly NO further Soul events will take place in the future.The Village Hall Committee has decided that due to the low bar takings and the difficulty of getting the staff for the nighter, they cannot continue. Therefore, in light of this and another larger All Nighter being on the same night, it is pointless putting one on for the last time. Needless to say that the September low attendance was the final nail in the coffin. So after 3yrs of putting on Soul nights and All Nighters there is no more Bishops Wood. Lastly, to all who attended and to the DJ's who came to this little venue with plenty of Soul. From Col & Gaye Kidson and myself & Elaine Mc .... a big thanks.
  12. DJ LINE UP CONFIRMED AS- COL KIDSON 9 -10pm KILLA 10 - 11pm WOODY 11 - 12 ROGER BANKS 12 - 1am MARIA & CARL WILLINGHAM 1 - 2 am TED MASSEY 2 - 3am ANDY DYSON 3 - 4am DAVE WELDING 4 - 5am LARRY Mc 5 - 6am DOORS OPEN 8:30pm
  13. DJ times to be confirmed later to night, just waiting for final confirmation.
  14. Another change to the line up! ..... Rob Savetz can't make it, so Roger Banks was coming anyway and he said he's happy to join the DJ line up. Dave W, usual table reserved for you and Roger next door. Let's hope the newly wed's are coming

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