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  1. if you were unable to get the first two singles, you might be interested to know there's going to be an album on the way. and if you want the tracks digitally for now, its your lucky day ................. "After two successful singles, Benjamin Pirani is working on a full-length so we are proud to present his digital EP "Dreamin's For Free" while he finishes up his LP. Super sweet, super catchy Northern Soul is the order of the day for our boy Benji!" https://www.coleminerecords.com/collections/store/products/b-benjamin-pirani-b-br-i-dreamins-for-free-i-br-digital-ep
  2. just right for summer https://soundcloud.com/liquidbeat/sets/blossom-hot16-so-cool
  3. "Hutson, long revered on the soul scene for his production, songwriting and perfromace skills, was Curtis Mayfield’s heir apparent chosen by the great man, to replace him in the Impressions, and then groomed for an extensive solo career on Curtis' own label, Curtom. The Hutson catalogue has not been available on any format for nearly two decades. The label will be working with Leroy and his team to create the definitive sounding masters, and unearthing lost gems from his extensive archive. First out of the traps is a double sided limited edition 45 containing two previously unreleased Hutson gems. The A-side is a previously unreleased 1977 recording, which is making its debut on this single. It is coupled with the unreleased full length instrumental of ‘All Because Of You’. This will be given it debut on Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio 6 show tomorrow. This single will be strictly limited and is sure to be the soul scene’s sound of the summer." "Acid Jazz has pulled off something of a coup here by persuading legendary '70s soul man Leroy Huston to part with a couple of previously unreleased cuts. A-side "Positive Forces" was recorded by Hutson in 1977 and sits somewhere between the sweeping, orchestrated bliss of Philly soul, the soaring dancefloor celebration of disco and the loose-limbed instrumental goodness of jazz-funk. It's an absolute stunner, all told, and sounds like it was tailor-made for spins at sweltering summer festivals. On the B-side you'll find a previously unreleased instrumental version of 1975's "All Because of You". While a vocal-free version has previously been released, this particular mix includes a little more drum action at the beginning to assist with mixing." https://www.juno.co.uk/products/leroy-hutson-positive-forces/653294-01/
  4. It say's................ "Back around the early 1970's Bell Telephunk was formed around the New Jersey area. Some members moved to Clevleand Ohio where the group performed in these early days at bars and clubs. The band disbanded early on and the name lie dormant for a few years. Around 1975/76 Michael Calhoun and a few others decided to rejuvenate the name again. They played often at the Kinsman grill located in Kinsman road Cleveland where they cut their teeth! They ventured into the studio just once to record a series of 6 songs. We are now pleased to bring them to light the newly formed Kinsman Record label. Im sure once you hear these you will fall in love instantly with Ron Thatch's amazing vocals skills. This is crossover ghetto soul of the highest order. these will get posted for june 8th"
  5. The Diplomats - Don't Ever Go b/w Cards On The Table Colmine Records say's.......... Colemine Records, a brand built on pushing out new and fresh funk and soul music is proud to present REMINED RECORDS, the reissue imprint of Colemine. And what a way to start! The Diplomats, a group that would later give rise to one of the most sampled breakbeats in history, “It’s A New Day” by Skull Snaps, are in their prime here. “Cards On The Table” is a staple in the Northern scene, but clean copies don’t come cheap! And “Don’t Ever Go” is a previously unreleased track from the group that has never been on vinyl before! Snag ‘em now, cause they won’t last!
  6. O.C. Tolbert - (Marriage Is Only) A State Of Mind b/w Dave Hamilton - Marriage Is Only A State Of Vibes Colemine Records say's.......... "This is the real sh*t right here. Two cuts that have never been on a 45 before coming out of Detroit. Dave Hamilton’s production style defines Detroit deep soul. O.C. Tolbert’s version of “(Marriage Is Only) A State Of Mind” has never been released in ANY format before, so we are proud to present this lost treasure for the first time along with the killer instrumental version by Dave Hamilton on the B-side. Not to be missed!"
  7. thanks for that, The AJ Brown on their websites pretty good as well thanks again alan
  8. More previously unreleased goodness set free.......................... OUT NOW!!!!!!!!
  9. thank you to all those who have took the time to enter the poll i know it won't represent the true state of affairs, but its fair to say people want something different, and a big slap on the back to those who have already aknowledged, and contributed to the fact. someone wrote i was unqualifed to ask the question, and their probably right but forty odd years ago, to me thats what it was, different. my weekends spent at Clifton Hall, and Top of the World, maybe qualify me in some small way to ask the question, maybe?, who cares. The point I wanted to make was nothing more than, if we want new, younger people to the scene, it needs to be exiting again, like it was, thats all. thanks again alan
  10. Thank you to all those who have contributed to this thread with their opinions, and all carry merit in their own right to be honest, the term "wanna be" I took from reading the pages of this forum, i'd not really heard it mentioned before, to me if you had it in you to stand in front of a crowd, laid bare as it were, you were DJ. whether you were any good, was a different story. whether it was for a fee, or a couple of free beers didn't matter, most still had a day job to keep the wolf from the doors, and to go back to Monday morning. but for me the comment by slim jim above summed it up. It's the reason i listen to music, the reason i buy records, and the reason i still do it after forty odd years. "For me a good DJ is someone who plays something I haven't heard and need to find out what it is as opposed to records I expect to hear at most soul nights ." many thanks again guy's alan
  11. Nice edit to be had, if you would like a free DL of this what has become classic, courtsey of Cratebug .....................

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