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  • Cream Cracker Soul Club 10th Anniversary - Penultamate
    by kev such
    Thanks for the review Tom, glad you enjoyed the night mate. Im all out of ultimate pens Im afraid,
    Cracking night for the 10th Anniversary. Thankyou to the dj's for giving the Jacobs in attendance what they always want. Damn good quality music you can dance to. Hope everyone likes the cd giveaway. Thats the last one Im afraid. Next Cream Cracker ( The final one) is on the 21st of November. The toilets will be back to normal ( all shiny and new) so NO queuing. ALL takings will go to Scotties Little Soldiers ( None of this profits rubbish). Great line up for our final outing and Im sure we'll be Cream Crackered. Once again a huge thankyou to all who atteneded on Saturday night and I will see you all at Welly.
    Did the stars the wrong way around, modern technology eh!!!!!!!!!  I thought it was 10 at least, but then Im bound to say that. haha.
  • Soul Session @ Hassocks Golf Club
    by maximax
    SOUL Session 5
    What a night! The Dedicated Soul team Andy, Paula, Keith and myself would like to express our sincerest thanks to Jens and Carl for all their effort's in not only traveling from Sweden, but for their sterling work on the deck's. I know the team and I can truly say with hand on heart, they did the business. It is just such a tragedy that more people weren't there to hear them, unfortunately our usuals who couldn't make it, missed out.
    Many thanks goes out to everyone who came to hear a masterclass, they are Mr and Mrs Dug Chant, Mr and Mrs Alan Hutchings, Manus, Mick Smith, the Uckfield set of 5, the lovely Claire Kalvis, Gary Johnson, and my dear dedicated soul friend Sandie and partner Billy, Mr and Mrs Tommy Gunn not forgetting newlyweds Sally and Mike Presswell, along with many more.
    As you can see by the photos everyone is having a good time, perhaps some would have liked to hear a bit more Northern, well maybe/probably next time when we have Cliff Steele (Cleethorpes) and Andy Hutchins (Trowbridge). I think it is safe to say that August 1st 2015 SOUL Session truly established it's place on the Soul map, thank you all for making it happen.
  • Northern Soul - Motown Rocksteady Collective
    by JB1350
    A really good night. Location and venue is spot on, with very cheap prices. Talc friendly for those that need it.
    Particularly like the fact that the DJ's don't spend time on the mike, which all too often breaks the rhythm and atmosphere. Almost non stop music which is what people want to hear.
    First time I took the wife and was concerned she might find it too "geeky", but she loved it. Success!
    A very professional set up with great music. Just such a shame that the guys don't get the following they deserve. 
  • Junction 36 Soul Club
    This place just gets better every month brilliant music and fantastic people what more do you want.

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