Ebay High Flyers October 2018 - Soul Auction Results

Ebay High Flyers October 2018 - Soul Auction Results magazine cover

Our regular lookback at the high flying soul records on EBay over the last month. Last months top 100 enders go like this...


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Mike profile photo


improvements have led to a more monthly extended version

the idea being the list is both informative for members and may get a bit of discussion going

so any takes on octobers list?

Mick Boyle profile photo


Look forward to high flyers each month. Nice to see present-day prices on records I have owned or still own and ones Id like to own,

Surprises me how some are overpriced and others quite reasonable  

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Ncfc profile photo


I paid less for a mint past present and future earlier this year.The copy listed is trashed.


tiberius profile photo


That Royal Jesters Chévere LP is an odd one, with much of it sounding like live recording(s).  The seller posted 2 of the more "funkier" tracks in the listing but I think missed a trick in that the best track, to my ears at least, is a sweet soul tune.  It is a scarce LP though.

Mal C profile photo


pretty good for the Jackie Beavers on Jaber, even if it was a tad nailed...thats the flute version right?

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