Loraine Rudolph - Washington Post Article

Loraine Rudolph - Washington Post Article magazine cover

48 Years Later, A Singer Finally In Demand

The Washington Post website features an article on Loraine Rudolph. Written by Marc Fisher it concerns itself with the story of Lorraine Rudolph finding out that 48 years later after leaving Detroit she is "in demand"

A few clips from the article are highlighted below, a link to the full article and sound clip follows at the end

In 1960, Loraine Rudolph became a cog in the hit music machine later known as Motown. She sang back-up for one future star after another, toured with The Spinners, hung out with Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye and lived with Motown mogul Berry Gordy's sister and her husband, the singer and producer Harvey Fuqua.

There would be a couple of other recording dates, but Rudolph doesn't think any of those songs were ever released. She can't even recall where she recorded the 45 that's most in demand on collectors' Web sites; neither the label nor the producer's name rings a bell.

Rudolph doesn't know whether to be bitter that her records are selling for big money or thrilled that she's discovered fans she never conceived existed. Both emotions come over her in waves. "What can I do to get a piece of this?" she says one minute, then, just a few seconds later, "I guess I am 'in demand' now, huh?"


Her big, round eyes fill and she's very quiet. And then: "I always did think I should be in demand."

Check out the full article via the link below, it's a worthwhile walk over


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Dysonsoul profile photo


Fascinating read Mike - thanks for posting.

Soul Shrews profile photo


I met her niece some years ago In DC  didn"t know she was her niece untill she asked me if I had heard of her. Confirming that I did and mentioning the Jetstream 45 next thing I know theres a phone pressed to my ear and I"m talking to Aunty Lorraine ! She told me she had spoken to w/ender promoters in the UK re a visit but was concerned as she didn"t know them. I told her not to worry and go for it !

Cheers Paul



Tomangoes profile photo


Great story.

Appreciation and recognition at last.

Lets hope Lorraine 'appears soon' at one of our big soul events and gets the 5 Star treatment she deserves.


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