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  1. I have the 10" acetate of this , which was part of Gillys collection that i bought from him - it is credited to and written as Tobie Lark.
  2. The Funny face girl original acetate has been in my collection for a fair few years now, The Chris Bartley acetate Allan coney traded it to me many moons ago, i recently sold it to a mate in Europe.
  3. I was working at Anglo at the time , so on my way home one night i called in at Cleckheaton to drop off the package for Nige, Like Andy says the Magnetics was in there , i think the second copy of Danny Moore - Allrite but for the life of me i can't remember the other titles ( Carl probably will ) maybe Nomads , i think 4 in all ,they were from Kopps collection. The Deon Jackson came a short time after that ( i think ) It was certainly £400 and I'm glad it stays with Carl - the only one who can play it !
  4. The crazy world of Northern Soul with Dave Clegg , what a star ! One year at Cleethorpes a group of about ten of us were chatting including Cheryl (Dave's other half) All of a sudden Cheryl screams "Oh no it's Cleggy " everyone ran off leaving me with Dave he says " what the fucks up with that lot ?, you haven't farted have you ? He made me have it alright ! R.I.P .
  5. Interesting stuff Tim... I remember you telling me this story in the early hours at a nighter. He does look a handful though, look at the size of his fist and forearm !
  6. Early 1990/1 Craig M sent a couple of thousand 45s to the Tod warehouse - Martin K had brokered the deal (infact Craig had been to the Uk some months earlier and had a day at the warehouse) Anyway while looking through the boxes Browny shouts to me" dya know Dennis Edwards on Int Soulville ? " which of course i didn't , he put it on and of course a pretty exciting double sider ! Tim rang Martin with the details and he found a copy or two within a short pace of time ,he searched high and low but it was never kicking around. There are many twists and turns to the story as it goes, so much so that while writing stuff for the digging book i said to Browny the D.E story needs to be documented factually.. i mean look how many versions are in this thread ! Ah when we spoke about it mine and his versions are not strictly speaking identical, but the above is how it was. I remember you coming up Mark a few years after in the V.W Beatle (i think to pick a D.E up . I thought the record would have gone far more popular than it did - what a incredible double sider !
  7. Dysonsoul

    Grumpy Soul is back!

    Sounds like there are plenty of extras included at Grumpy.... Look forward to catching up with folks!
  8. Ah yeh that's the one....nice one confirming that Andy - i was half and half about posting my reply incase i had it wrong... that aside a very rare record indeed !
  9. Some years ago at the Cleethorpes weekender , John Anderson pulled a copy of this out from a 25 count box ( of various titles) I think he was selling it for a friend from America . John did start to tell me the history of the 45 , but Al Coney let a stink bomb off so that was the end of that ! I'm almost certain it was a white label v-tone and about 3 grand , but i'm not 100% certain of that - not much help i know.....
  10. Brilliant post that is Bob , just a little bit envious of that experience !
  11. Yeh all things are ticking over, it will certainly be out this year. Because we are not writers , authors etc .. it is all a learning curve ! All the contributions have been kindly done by people with passion for free, also all the proof reading ,editing + the million and one other jobs in connection with this kind of project are on the whole being done by friends - so the net result is a longer time scale. Also to mention is if this sells ok ( some 300 people ) reserved copies before it goes out + my mate is sorting out world wide distribution through his publisher, every penny is going to charity after production costs. I have to knuckle down and complete my stories now , most of my spare time has been spent setting out, editing and adding to some of the contributions - the problem is ballancing up the way the stories have been written, then making them reader friendly, it does have to flow... he says ...! I will add to this post Monday when back from Gateshead, with a more detailed summary of what is actually happening. Thanks for the interest so far.
  12. A real shame , will miss his trips over here to the shed , the stories and the crack. Guys like Melv are few and far between - he was buying and loving this music before i was born aswell as meeting the artists at the time . Goodbye to a fellow Conisbrough lad, very sad indeed. atb Melv.
  13. Ady if you are struggling with this i have it here somewhere - drop me a email.
  14. Hello John that's right , you obviously got Tims , for some reason i thought the flip was just blank i can't for the life of me figure out the Cutlass connection cos like i mentioned before the scan chalky posted up is definately not original - i only just clicked on the link that takes you to Pats auction , it would be impossible for it to be bona fida cos speedlimits was a made up name and the actual group iwho recorded it is different. Hope to see you out and about soon.atb A

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