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  1. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Sounds like there are plenty of extras included at Grumpy.... Look forward to catching up with folks!
  2. Ah yeh that's the one....nice one confirming that Andy - i was half and half about posting my reply incase i had it wrong... that aside a very rare record indeed !
  3. Some years ago at the Cleethorpes weekender , John Anderson pulled a copy of this out from a 25 count box ( of various titles) I think he was selling it for a friend from America . John did start to tell me the history of the 45 , but Al Coney let a stink ...
  4. Tommy Tate; Sad news

    Brilliant post that is Bob , just a little bit envious of that experience !
  5. Dysonsoul

  6. News: Record Digging Stories.. Book..

    Yeh all things are ticking over, it will certainly be out this year. Because we are not writers , authors etc .. it is all a learning curve ! All the contributions have been kindly done by people with passion for free, also all the proof reading ,editing + t...
  7. R.I.P. Melv Kaye

    A real shame , will miss his trips over here to the shed , the stories and the crack. Guys like Melv are few and far between - he was buying and loving this music before i was born aswell as meeting the artists at the time . Goodbye to a fellow Conisbrough la...
  8. Eddie Parker MAM Miko

    Ady if you are struggling with this i have it here somewhere - drop me a email.
  9. "my Baby Can't Say No" - The Speed Limits

    Hello John that's right , you obviously got Tims , for some reason i thought the flip was just blank i can't for the life of me figure out the Cutlass connection cos like i mentioned before the scan chalky posted up is definately not original - i only just cl...
  10. "my Baby Can't Say No" - The Speed Limits

    Like mentioned earlier the original acetate was sold by Pat Brady for Tim A, i can remember because i wanted it but it was out of my price range at the time - if the truth be known the record is a victim of it's own quality, it will never work it is just too ...
  11. Tommy Tate

    A truly complete talent, two of his 45's caused me much suffering financially but i had to have them all..... some one did me a c/d of unissued stuff that as far as i'm aware never came out i will look for that. Other than the odd few like Al Green he takes ...
  12. News: Wally Roker - Sad News RIP

    Two interesting pieces, another unsung hero, i remember the "Love" 45 being plentifull when i was at Tod towers great two sides.
  13. Maria Tynes-The Queen Is on Her Knees

    I can remember Nick buying this 45 from Browny i was working there at the time, i dare say it's 25 years ago. It came in a box of stuff Simon Soussan had sent over also in the deal Nick got the Conner Cagle and the Batchelors four - Always let your good side...
  14. Nick Stevenson R.I.P

    Nick called at my house out of the blue some 20 years ago with a handfull of 45's , his tools and a towel - he was up to the neck in bother..... so i said there's a few jobs to do here, here's a front and back door key (which he still has to this day ) come a...