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Weekend View Jun 2003 100 Club and This Thing Of Ours


Weekend View Jun 2003 100 Club and This Thing Of Ours

a rushed view on weekend, 8.10am on a Saturday and got out of door only 10 mins late, picked up Ritchie and Ann, no sign of Dick John ( found out later hadnt finished Friday nite off yet) and set off. Was going to be a special one, the alldayer "This Thing Of Ours" due to the recent sad news, being a "Celebration of Randys Life and Music" and along with the 100 Club being on after as well it was one of those must gos. As Ritchie was making a return to scene of some of his past going ons, involving tales of vinyl, shoeshops and all-sorts, and for me a first visit to that far off capitol since last year it seemed was going to be a break from the old routine. As always things got off to a good start, set off , 1 hour later was back in Llandudno doing a quick car swap. Dont ask.

Unexpectedly the rest of journey went fine, got down there fairly quick found pub first time. Settled down for 10 hours of all-dayer, just a quick brief bit as more posted on site. Lots of catch ups, meet ups, and good to meet at lasts was going on, espically all the "online" lot who use this site. Outside the event was creeping into the high street, the southern sun was fierce (for us from more temperate climes), the beer flowed and the event was kicking.

By now right old atmosphere was going, the dancefloor inside was busy, pub packed and a constant stream of djs kept music flowing, and as beer was flowing, was most enjoyable. By now after over 8 hours of the event things were just a bit hazy, our plans to get to 100 club swung in and was time to nip down to 100. As said in other post, many thanks go out to all who were involved with this event, with the sad news of Randy departure in everyones mind, the way event went was a credit to all involved. Thanks After the dayer it was a quick jump to central London, quick as could be if take into accounts our tour of east london, all due to a forced police detour leaving us at mercy of inner london traffic signs.

All we wanted was a sign saying london central, instead the whole city was against us, we ended up in all sorts of places, dead ends in inner london estates.Was just one of them nights, even taxi divers and garage blokes were at it, giving us wrong directions. Eventually and I mean eventually ended up round the back of 100 parking. Been a fair while since last visit to 100 club, and have to say as soon as walking thru door realised what had been missing. Straight away could pick up that buzz. Down stairs and place was packed, quick look round and after getting over shook of first no Dave Rimmer in place (did they trade him in for air conditioning) then Johnny T greeting me in a very frightening way! Though first passed on good news that a great big wad of cash took from the Valatone event was passed on to the fund. Nice one. Had a quick stop and take it all in and it felt good.

Bumped into fellow Llandudno renegrade Christian and also Dick john had made it after all. Guest djs on nite were Mick H, Marco S and Neil Jones, with regs Butch. Mick Smith and of course Ady himself. Think right in saying nite was split up into 30 min sets, Great stuff from Mick H, stuff like Imp Cs Nu-Rons Camaros etc Mick said will pass on full playlist later, Marco S started one sets off with annoucement no r n b, no x-over , just stompers and did just that with great set, Neil Jones think pushed out 3 sets, never been to his Bury event so dont know how typical it was but many popular sounds being pushed out. The regs pushed out great stuff, Butch dished out likes of the always so good to hear cover up Eric Lomax, the sounds better and better each time, great Jean Carter I Want to Know, Mellow Souls, Ritchie Adams Flashback and so on

A first hear for me other version of Emanuel Laskys 1975 Dt 45 " Id rather leave on my feet (than on my knees) did get full info on 45 from him, but names gone west stuff think is 100% , its on DT as well, but only 2 copies, anyone fill in artist info or background. Mick Smith and Ady pushed out some great stuff as well, but as think hit a wall at the 20 hour mark so all details unlocked at moment As said well busy with large crowd, the air-conditioning certainly seemed to make a big difference, though not sure if on 100% of the nite as later on just could have been me getting hotter with ac saving me from full meltdown.

Always suprises me at times just how, who and how often you bump into people, loads had caried on from the dayer event, but also bumped into many from all over uk at places get to odds: few things running round in head, maybe of interest Were not too young - Mick H played Camaros one - know of 3 versions of this all Jackie Beavers related - Karen Stirland? 150 quidish and not very good imo, Jackie Beavers one and of course the Camaros one, sure once heard yet another version female group more uptempo, anyone ? Mick H (who run into recently more often than me own family) passed on that the next Union Club is a Stafford flavoured nite

 Have a present passed on from Claire for Kates birthday who lives around Paul O way, if anyone meeting up with either and could pass it on please let us know, so she can get it soonest. Come 7 ish time to get home, as now at 23 hr mark it seemed a good idea. Easy journey back and was back to Llandudno.

Verdict on it all, in past the cost, time it takes and so on have meant journeys down been bit limited, often fall victim to the easy option when faced with a choice of a 5/6 hour journey or a 1 hour journey when event choosing. As found nite certainly was one of most enjoyable events been to over this year just say now getting up to speed with rail discount system. Thanks to Ady, all the djs, and everyone else involved for a great time.

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