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ady croasdell

Cleethorpes Lookback And News For 2010

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Sorry for the slow reply. I tried to get on the site a couple of times after the weekender but the site was undergoing a lot of work and I couldn't. I then had to drive up to a wedding on Loch Lomond which took ten hours and I got to visit the Gorbals, Govanhill and i think i went through Easterhouse too! Then to Center Parks in East Anglia, then the 100 Club and then cricket and beer in Harboro. I have now finally landed.

Thanks for all the kind comments, after the most stressful build up to a weekender since the first one, I was relieved it all ran so smoothly and amazed again at how good it was. the Cleethorpes weekenders certainly have a momentum all of their own and i just set it up and let it go wherever it wants to. The acts were superb, called in at very short notice and asked to perform songs they hadn't sung since their recording dates in most cases, with a pick up band in a faraway country; they excelled and it was another great contrast in styles between Jesse's refined and considered professionalism and talent and Melvin's enthusuiasm, history, heart and soul. It was very emotional in so many ways. both acts had a ball and thank you profusely for their warm reception. And they were thrilled with the musicians as were most people this year. It was the same bunch of guys and girl singers but they seemed to mesh to perfection. the horn parts that Andy and matt wrote for some of the songs that hadn't previously featured any were superb.

The numbers were very slightly down due to my lack of a publicity machine, particularly hindered by so many acts dropping out and the government's stringent new visa regulations. If it was left to my application of 7 weeks ago we'd still be waiting at the airport, I havn't heard a word! The weather was glorious given the very wet week running up to it, that affected record sales a bit but I gave the hard working dealers (and the lazy ones) a break.

Musically everyone seemed very happy and most of the DJs stayed at least half-sober for once. It was pointed out to me in a very polite and considered way that some of the DJing in the main room could have been just a bit more adventurous and i agree so we'll shake 'em up a bit for next year and I've already booked Mick H to strengthen the line-up. Tef's room was an unqualified success, huge thanks to him and his merry crew of DJs. The very good news is that the snooker and pool tables will be moved to the side next year so we'll have a dancefloor and generally improve the rooms lay out next year. The modern geezers seemed well happy, I've not been fully debriefed on that room yet but it seemed like everyone was grooving each time I wandered abstractedly into or through it. i would have stayed longer but i seemed to be getting groped by not particularly gorgeous blokes every time I walked past the bar.

Thanks to the Spanish in particular for the terrific Euro turno out, I think everyone enjoyed the laid back Euro afternoon. the quiz was thought provoking and witty as usual but the marks were lower than usual, the sun and beer seemed to affect everyone's intellects for the worse. Nice to see the fancy dress sillyness even though the two Poohs and pigs were robbed (possibly not, the costumes were rather scary for me, let alone Sonny and the US judges). Melvin gave the individual prize to the dirty nun when he saw the reasonable price of her blow jobs; enterprise was rewarded.

It was wonderful for me personally to have my co-worker and daughter Charlie there for the first time and she's very proud that she disgraced herself so comprehensively on the Friday (it was my turn on the Saturday). It took her 16 years to make her first one but Sonny got there in one, he was a star and says he can't wait for the next one and Donna got to her first in a couple of years having been in hospital with the little blighter at that time last year. That was very much deserved.

But thanks of course mainly to all of you who enjoyed yourselves so positively. I was beginning to think we can't keep at this now so many are flying past the fifty mark but you all proved me wrong and with the continued addition of new and younger faces, i think we've got a few more humdingers ahead of us yet.

Sorry if I've forgotten anyone (like Sharon, Steve, dougie and all the hard working staff) but post up any comments or criticisms and I'll be able to address them now I'm back to some sort of normality.



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What I will add ady is thanks from Melvin, Jesse, Bryan and Diane who thought the whole crowd and the event were wonderful.

They all send their regards and have just about gotten over the whole thing !

Rob & Karen

PS did anyone else find out that jesse was married to Miss Australia before Diane !!

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Was a pleasure as always to be involved in the weekender to meet many old friends,with friendships generated over 16 years

and meeting many people to sing in the back of a bus or 4 by 4 or Shuttle or estate car

acapella rehearsels

listening to Melvyn singing along to cds of classic songs

to recognise the voices and putting names to them what a pleasure that is,

and hopefully next year, I have been promised that the guest artist will be known

and sorted before the end of 2009

(Flyin past with pink curly tails and Pink Snouts comes to mind)

we can have the same fluidity as this year

I Only fell out with one sound guy for 2 mins on the Friday Night at 2001

when Dave Rimmer couldnyt play the first record of the night

Why oh Why they set up the sound in the Modern room first is beyond me

as the main room starts first,

Thanks Ady for utilising these old bones once again

2010 and beyond

ps dont forget that booking next October 2010

will sort out a big venue holding 50


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Thought it was a brilliant weekend Ady , one of the best yet - and great weather to boot !! Thanks for letting Banbury Soul Club do our thing on the sunday , it was a blast .See you at the 100 club mate .Best,Eddie

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If it could be arranged that me & Denise win the fancy dress competition next year it'd be greatly appreciated! :wicked::thumbup:

Had an absolute ball. Thanks to Ady & everyone else who puts so much work in to making sure that we have a wild/great/drunken/chilled out/mental/busy/knackering weekend! :rolleyes:

Looking forward to June 2010 immensely! :thumbsup:

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As a battle scarred veteran of Cleethorpes, have to say I thought it was one of the best. With Bearsy and Marie sharing the van, it was never going to be boring :thumbup:

Ady, announcing the guests in 2009 will be plain boring, your renowned organisational skills and finely honed sense of urgency just add a hint of tension to the build up :thumbsup:

We know that you are only teasing us and that the contracts are probably already signed for the next one :rolleyes:

Thanks for a brilliant weekend.


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