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Dave Thorley

Ready, Steady, Soul - Berlin

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Flew over NYE and straight to the first event. Soul in one room, Rocksteady in the other, the venue one of Berlin's oldest sqauts (Tommyhaus). In no time at all both rooms were full, about 150-200 in each, pop in and out of the Rocksteady room allnight, partly cuz that was were the toilets were, everytime the room had a great buzz. Ventured outside at midnight for the firework madness that is Germany at New Year, you need to keep your wits about you, ready to duck at any moment as fireworks come from every angle and the louder the bang the better it seems.

In the soul room, we were entertained by Marc Forrest's mix of rare and cool soulful tunes, plus his party tune, Tom Jones-it's not unusual. MS Dienel who had the room rocking and got a standing ovation at the end of his set. Peanut Vender, who as always kept the room happy with his mix of 60's soul & R&B and I threw on a few tunes to do my bit as well. The main theme of the night was good time 60's soul dancers and for that you were rewarded with a full dancefloor and smiling faces. Got back to the hotel for 7am after a very good night indeed and then off to hospital with my old gallstone for a few hours, but that's another story.

During the night Marc had leant over and said 'isn't this a good night, but wait till Hip City on saturday'. Well he wasn't wrong, along with the great turn out from Berlin, people came from Hamburg, Stockholm, Vienna and many places besides to make it a fab night. The dance floor stayed full from start to finish, which was about 6.30 when Marc was forced away from the decks. Franz, Marc's partner at Hip City did a crackin' couple of sets, as did Malayka and for her first set played full on 60's and a cool funky second set, putting in as much energy behind the decks as the dancers on the floor. Dave Ripolles wowed everyone with his super soulful tunes and got a well diserved round of applause at the end. Marc again played some great 60's rarites and some lovely crossover in his second set. I enjoyed myself being able to play wide range of 60's and 70's tunes.

I say this everytime I come back, but at the moment, Germany has something very special in it's events, DJ's and very open minded crowd, just love it. A top, top weekend, 'Save the world'-Houston Outlaws


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Thanks Dave, it was our (big) pleasure to have you and Malayka as well as Dave Ripolles over and play your great sets to and for our crowd. Haven`t had yet a chance to speak with the organizers of thursday nights celebration but I remember something like 400 thru the doors on thursday.

On saturday we had 140 at the Hip City which again is sheer unbelievable bearing in mind it was only two days after new years eve and 4 (four!) other Soul nights were talking place that very same night over here in Berlin.

Atmosphere was awesome on new years eve once everybody got started after midnight.....and awesome again it was at the Hip City on saturday which amazingly and very unlikely filled up very very quickly this time.

I remember Dave Ripolles shaking his head in disbelief and telling me that we really have something special with and at our Hip City and I must say its nights like these - and thankfully 2009 saw none other than just that - that make Franz and me wanna keep and work on. Its so great to have a special venue and a crowd so open-minded, so thankful and so welcoming to every foreign DJ.

If its quality they accept and dance to it. Be it R&B-ish, funky-edged or down and out Northern. just they way it should be.

As with the recent influx of 17 and 20 year olds we now alreday have the third generation of regulars the future looks bright for Rare Soul in Berlin...roll on rest of the year thumbup.gif

I have some really nice pics from the week(end) which I will post up as soon as time permitts.


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Missed the Tommyhaus NYE as - of course - family took priority, so can cooment on Hip City only, but yes, what a great night! Was good to meet Dave Thorley and Malayka for the first time in person and Dave Ripolles again! Great sets played by all of them, I enjoyed myself big time.

To get the playlist thingy going, here's what i played over the night...

Chris Jones - Destination Unknown - Goodie Train

Lee Martell - It's Impossible To Describe Our Love - Renegade

Robbie Lee - Stop Me Baby - Excel

Sebastian Williams - The One You Can't Have - Cotillion

Robert & Ron - I Ain't Finish Yet - Unisfere

Jimmy Earl- Strategy - Columbia

Willie Williams - Name It - RCA

4 Sensations & The Moonlighters Band - Born Black - Blue Eagle

Zircons - Was It Meant To Be That Way - Heigh-Ho

Vistas - Keep On Keepin' On - Delphi

Liberation Street singers - Love Is In The Air - Pentagram

Barons - As Sure As You're Born - Shagg

Demon Brothers - Uh Huh - Quinvy

Duke & Leonard - Just Do The best You Can - Stomptown

Sammy Ridgley - Locked Up In Your Love - Cash In Today

CL Blast - Fools Love - Clintone

Patience Valentine - Waking Up To A Dream - Thrush

Cheers - Two Loves - Nation

Herbie Thompson - Let Your Love (Grow Stronger) - Big Hit

Stacey Lane - I'm Out To Win You Over - Excello

Lee Harvey - My Assurance - Kris

Moonlighters Band - More Than I Could Stand - Lamp

Private Johnston - C/U

Little Sherman & The Mod Swingers - The Price Of Love - Sagport

Composers - Chances Go Round - Complex 3

Sensational Little Doc - Looking For My Baby - Music-Go-Round

Frankie Freeman - This Old Shack - Ghetto

Marcelle Joseph - I'll Never Let You Stay Blue - DSR

p.s. i vouch for the installation of a heating in our (otherwise quite cosy and atmospheric:shades:) smokers lounge!

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Private Johnston - C/U

good.gif Fantastic tune mate, just like the rest of your list !

p.s. i vouch for the installation of a heating in our (otherwise quite cosy and atmospheric:shades:) smokers lounge!

Yeah, one could say it was.....quite.....freezy ph34r.gif

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I saw it more as a chill out roomlaugh.gif

At your next stop at the Hip City hopefully next year the latest this lounge will maybe finally have developed into the official second floor...not a modern or r&b one though...maybe we`ll call it a connisseurs room LOL!


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At your next stop at the Hip City hopefully next year the latest this lounge will maybe finally have developed into the official second floor...not a modern or r&b one though...maybe we`ll call it a connisseurs room LOL!


A connisseurs smoking room, now thats more like it, I'll bring a couple of nice Havana cigarswhistling.gif

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So, for the 2nd year on the trot I've spent the first Saturday of January at The Hip city Soul Club and, as with last year, it didn't disappoint!!

I arrived a little before 11 to find the back room filling up nicely and the dancefloor already seeing some action. By 12 the place was rammed and with a queue at the door, I knew that we were in for a good night! I could see Marc visibly relax, (and that big grin was there til the plug was pulled at 6.30). From there on in the night just flew in a mix of fantastic music from all the dj's. Covering all the bases of quality rare soul music from the 60's to the present day, classic northern alongside rare 70's and 80's, hard funk and ghetto soul,I heard some of the best music I've heard played out for a long time!

Dj'ing here is such a pleasure, with a broad selection of broad minded people who are obviously enjoying themselves and having fun even when the dancefloor thins (as it did on a few occasions with some of my 70's selectionstumbleweed3.gif ).

I always feel totally comfortable with such a friendly group of people, and it is such a pleasure to catch up with Marc and Franz and of course Marcus,(Dave and Malayka's love child-or was that Bastard son....), Lars and Ola, Anna, Andreus Alex and so many others whose knowledge, enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of the night make the trip so much fun. It was double the pleasure to spend time with Dave and Malayka (great to hang out in the Guggenheim suite with you guys!) thanks for the stories and the laughs!

Anyway, Marc asked me to post some of the tunes I played, and so in no particular order:

The Saints -I'll let you slide

Bobby Rich-There's a girl somewhere for me

George Hobson-Let it be real

Sagwar fare-Dont be so jive

Kings of Soul-is your love for me

Dynamic Corvettes-Keep off the grass

Wally CoCo-Message to society

Rising Sun-good loving

Gold-what about the Child

Everyday People-world full of people

harvey scales-Trying to survive

nobody's Children-Shadarp

Strutt-said you didn't love him

Felix Harris- walking in the night

Benny harper-My Prayer

Eddie Levert C/U

Mellow madness (for Lars)



Fred Williams Capt Boo and the Funky space cadets-ever good Lovin'

Willie Dee-It looks like rain

Milton Parker- women like it harder

4 dynamics-things a lady aint suppose to do

TSU Toronados-1000 wonders

and probably a whole bunch of others!!

Thanks again, Marc and Franz for asking me back, it sets my New Year off on a high! Hats off to you both for maintaining a club for 19 years and keeping something as special as Hip city going into 2010hatsoff2.gif .



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Thanks for the playlists once again and appreciative words, and no dave , you didn`tscare any one off the floor at all. Fantastic tunage as I expected mate! Haven`t forgotten to post the pictures, I will try to post them later this evenbing...so much for now. Back to work and snow LOL!


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