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Matt Male

Move On Soul Club 1St Anniversary

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Thanks to everyone who attended last night. Lovely atmosphere again, that intimate soul club feel with everyone drifting around the sales boxes, having a bit of a dance, chatting to everyone else. Personally i love it.. and then of course there's the music...

Wow. What can i say, Johnny and Danny we're absolutely superb. We've had some bloody brilliant DJs at Move On over the last year bringing current biggies, allnighter sounds and rarely played quality with them but Danny and John raised the bar again for me. Danny's spot was absolutely right for the sound of Move On, uptempo unashamed floorpleasers and he's now tieing with Karl Heard as my current must hear DJ.yes.gif Rudy Love and El Corals stood out, but also several unknown to my ears were also superb and had me open mouthed.

Adam and I filled in around these two and we might post up some of the stuff we played later, although i'm starting to think you lot should just come along if you want to hear what we have to offer. tongue.gif Three of my favourite plays of the night were Etta James - Tighten Up Your Own Thing, The New Perspective - Stone Outta My Head and of course the superb JoAnn Garrett - Watcha Been Doing.

Always an enjoyable experience, great regulars, great DJs and friends make this a really enjoyable promoting experience for myself and i'm sure Adam too.

Here's to another year. thumbup.gif

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just like to thank matt & adam for asking me to dj, i really enjoyed myself :yes: this is a great little venue with a brill sound system ,playing my kind of music, a perfect combination , just need to get the numbers up a bit more to make it really take off thumbsup.gif danny

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Guest jumitja

what a night ,move on back to its old self thumbsup.gif ,all music was outstanding with fingers sharing his usual quality uptempo/dance sounds ,it was great to see you john thumbup.gif .but

the star of the evening was danny ,fooking amazing .i havent had my eyes and ears opened from a dj (unknown to me ) since pete fowler at burnley last year .a few more

dancers on the floor and the place would have been kicking .definitely will keep an eye on where he is djin at a niter next .he is definitely not to be missed if you like good stomping uptempo sounds .hats off to you mate .hatsoff2.gif good to see everyone matt ,adam ,sian .nick etc .

ps amber said it was the best place she could have celebrated her birthday .see you in february .kev

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Thanks to everyone who attended our anniversary night on Friday :D. Matt has summed it up nicely in his post, another night of fantastic music played by DJs with a real passion and belief in their selections. Johnny Fingers played a brilliant set, the music policy Matt and I were so keen to implement when we started a year ago is in safe hands with Johnny as our resident DJ.

Danny played an hour of sounds that were perfect for Move On (and should be perfect for the upfront nighter venues as well). As Matt has said there has been some great guest DJs at Move On over the last year, well known big names like Karl Heard, Des Parker etc who have done brillantl spots for us. But one of the things that I'm really proud of is that we have also put trust in DJs that might not be as well known but who we believe can deliver spots equal to anyone. Stu Cheetham guested for us early in 2009 just as he was starting to earn a reputation as a DJ on the up, Pat Bleasdale stunned everyone with her guest spot to name just 2. Danny should be getting regular bookings at nighters and up front venues every weekend, the spot he did on Friday night would have graced any venue.....respect mate, that was up there with the best :sleep3:

Here's to Move On going from strength to strength in 2010 :thumbup:

what a night ,move on back to its old self :sleep3: ,all music was outstanding with fingers sharing his usual quality uptempo/dance sounds ,it was great to see you john :sleep3: .but

the star of the evening was danny ,fooking amazing .i havent had my eyes and ears opened from a dj (unknown to me ) since pete fowler at burnley last year .a few more

dancers on the floor and the place would have been kicking .definitely will keep an eye on where he is djin at a niter next .he is definitely not to be missed if you like good stomping uptempo sounds .hats off to you mate .hatsoff2.gif good to see everyone matt ,adam ,sian .nick etc .

ps amber said it was the best place she could have celebrated her birthday .see you in february .kev

Spot on mate :thumbup:. Always good having you there, hope Mitch enjoyed it? See you soon and tell Amber thanks very much!

Playlists......I've always liked seeing playlists from DJs but I'm starting to agree with Matt's comments about it in his opening post. I've posted mine from Friday night below (might have missed few, memory not the best!) but am going to give some serious thought to whether I post any up in the future. Did three short sets through the night....

Set 1

King Floyd & The Three Queens - Times Have Changed - Pulsar

New Perspective - Stone Outta My Head - Maxwell

O'Jays - Shattered Man - Saru

Al Wilson - Count The Days - Roadshow

Levon & The Hawks - He Don't Love You - Atco

Shirley & Jessie - You Can't Fight Love - Wand

Kitty Lanier - (Come On Home) Everythings Alright - King

Young Jessie - I'm A Lovin Man - Mecury

Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - Every Woman I Know - Tarpon

Orlons - Don't You Want My Loving

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Sugarfoot - Lost Highway (LP)

Set 2

Dickey & Gloria - Mr Clean - Diamond

Sonny Rhodes - You Better Stop - Galaxy

Barbara Lynn - Sugar Coated Love - Copywrite

Rufus Lumley - Minneap'lis Minnesota - Afford

Billy T Soul - Call On Billy - Musicor

Little Gigi - Take The Bitter With The Sweet - Select

Clarence Reid - I'm Your Yes Man - Wand

Lil Gray - Are You Fooling - Jerma

Charmaines - The One For Me - Red Leaf

Little Janice - I Am A Soul - Pzazz

Winfield Parker - Mr Clean - Ru Jac

Set 3

Latin Dimension - Don't Touch Me - Columbia (big thanks to Karl Heard foir this one)

Charmaines - (You Are) Hypnotized - Red Leaf

Big Maybelle - Set Me Free - c/up

Baby Huey - Just Being Careful - USA

Edwin Starr - I Just Wanted To Cry - Tamla Motown

Winfield Parker - Mr Clean - Ru Jac (request)

Summits - Sophisticated Lady - La Salle

King Earnest - The Soul Stroke - Sonic

Soul City - Cold Hearted Blues - Goodtime

Baby Earl & Trinidads - Back Slop - SPQR

Blockbusters - Muddy Pt. 2 - Rockin

Henry & His Kasuals - Little Girl Of My Dreams - Cobra

Devastating Times - It's All Up To You - c/up (request)

Edited by soul45er

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Great way to start the weekend off.

Move On doing what it does best.

No compromise on the music and some stunning sets delivered by all the DJ's.

I think the play lists speak volumes.

I sincerely hope that this venue and music policy gets the recognition it deserves in 2010.

Hope Amber's flowers are still flourishing. thumbup.gif

See you all in Feb if not before.



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Prior to this evenings outing of Soul the last time I had a Soul-fix was way back on December 12 !! Needless to say I was gagging at the bit in the week leading up to Move On's first offering of 2010 - AND the celebration of their first year in providing something different to, for example, an out & out oldies type promotion.. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my Soul adventures for the coming year than the enjoyment and satisfaction provided by this Move On experience.

The emphasis at Move On 'Nites being on offering tunes of QUALITY you don't/won't hear every weekend - be it seldom heard oldies, established Classic rarities (where known quantities in existence do not allow for any 'regular' exposure), un/semi-known discs, or unique items (one-off's & studio acetates) particular to (at most) only a small handful of fortunate or exclusive to an individual. A unifying factor of each & every selection being their content of CLASS.

Even if it were something made say, last night even.. No matter !! If something can boast adequate content of the class & quality elements mentioned it is eligible to be offered up for the consensus of the majority. The ultimate decision being measured by the level of interest shown by the attended to something not previously heard/known to them.

What that results in is an evening of guaranteed musical enjoyment. Sufficient to appeal to, and sate the appetites of, lovers of many of the different musical genres.

You get a selection of forward thinking DJ's - some established, others in the infancy of their Deejaying career - or perhaps more experienced but only provide music management duties on an irregular basis - so perhaps only semi-known.

Guarantees are in place, though, that you WILL get DJ's that have that 'ear' for a good tune.. Who possess the 'knack' of expertly playing them with both fluidity & continuity. In a manner that provides results sufficient to more than satisfy the demands of those that have parted with door tax in exchange for an evening's entertainment.

The sociability factor found at this Coventry based promotion proves to be a sort of 'cherry on the icing'. With welcoming & friendly attendees enjoying exchanges of banter, gossip, & general chit-chat with others in attendance.

Selling and purchasing of vinyl is also catered for - for those with that preference - and not just via Adams' Soul-Supermarket outlet - but also with other dealers making attendance to set their stalls & ply their wares. Complimented further by various individuals with perhaps a single 50, or maybe 250, count box.

Several of the guesting DJ's, too, will often bring along a box or two of tasty little vinyl morsels they have for sale. So regardless of individual choices & types of purchases - whether spending £5 or £500 - most tastes and budgets are well catered for on a regular basis.

2010 at Move On sees a slight change to the resident DJ's - with yours truly now added to the regular line-up - to compensate the loss of Killa who (given the logistics involved with regard the distances he had to traverse each time) stepped down at the end of '09. But only after an excellent 12 months of valuable input & assistance.. Sufficient to help steer this promotion on the road they wished to travel.

Killa will still be making guest appearances at Move On promotions though. So we can continue to look forward to future spins of some of the tunes he championed and helped establish during his year as a resident - and resultant of regular turntable action and his perseverance - to a level whereby they are now well known by the regulars.

Friday night's adventure saw the early doors hours catered for by Matt & Adam alternating at half hourly intervals. Along with the same format for the last hour of the evening. The two hours between 10 and 12pm were allocated as 60 minutes (11-12pm) to 'Big' Danny (Price) - who was able to step in at short notice to cover for the original scheduled guest for the night (Steve Csordas.. a victim of our recent wintry road conditions and the wise decision not to take unnecessary risks) - with the other 60 (10-11pm) for moi.

I enjoyed my selections for the night and felt they were received well enough in the main. I did find myself leaning toward giving deck time to several 'alternate take' or 'cover versions' of songs - that are already well known within the Soul music scene - but sung by different artists.. Or where the backing track might see completely different lyrics to the 'known' (established) version. My play list below probably provides a better indication as to what I refer.

As seems the consensus amongst those that made the effort on Friday, I have to agree with the sentiments & praise already bestowed his set within other postings on this thread, and give my Man Of The Match award to Danny..

From the very first selection of his set (a recent UK 'Kent Select' 45 release of a previously unissued Toby Lark track) Danny held the full attention of the attendees ears and feet !!

Although I missed 15 - 20 minutes of his set (due to my partaking of herbal smoke inhalation.. As reward for my 'work' for the preceding hour) I didn't hear a duff tune the entire time Danny worked his magic from behind the decks.

One thing Danny's time in charge of the music management DID confirm was that his roof-raising performance he gave at Burnley's Kestrel Suite last year was no fluke - or just down to luck - the consistency of his selections and his interpretation of what people wanted was, again, bang on - in every aspect - and evident for all to witness as he provided music selections of only the very highest standard.

Any promoters reading this - best get his bookings for your function sorted & confirmed sooner, rather than later.. As Danny could very quickly become an 'in-demand' DJ on the Soul promotion circuit.

He defo has the potential to become an established DJ figure and could quickly see a rapid rise through the Deejaying ranks. Hopefully the 'Big' Man will post his play list for Friday night on here.. Then you can get a better idea of why he is deserving of the praise awarded him after his appearances as a DJ.

Matt & Adam deserve to start seeing more reward for the effort they have put into the Move On experience over the past year and, hopefully, 2010 will see a continued growth in attendances and reputation. BOTH are well deserved !!

Here is what I played and, as per usual, hope I have them in correct order of play -

but I'm not making any guarantees on it..

Margaret Williams & Cookies 'Just Because' (Test Press)

Marvin Gaye 'Lucky Lucky Me' (Unissued)

Nina Simone 'Take Care Of Business' [Alt.Take] (Verve S.P.)

Lattimore Brown 'So Says My Heart' (S.S.7)

No No Starr 'Barefootin' (Midas)

Funk Bro's 'Touching Venus' [inst.] (Universal Acetate)

Len Barry 'When You Call Me Baby' (Bell Acetate - LP)

Carstairs 'Stick By Me Baby' (Test Press)

Chris Clark 'Sweet Loving' (Unissued)

The Rock 'An Aspirin Would Go Crazy' (B.I.T.)

Jimmy Hughes 'Slippin' Around With You' (Atlantic - LP - UK)

Shirley Lawson 'The Star' (Soul City - UK)

Willie Hutch 'The Duck' (Dunhill)

Sonny Daye 'Long Long Road To Happiness' (Power)

Marvin Gaye 'Hanging On' (Jobete Acetate)

Cold Blood 'I'm A Good Woman' (Atlantic - LP - Austria)

Ray Charles 'Something Inside Me' (ABC)

Temptones 'Girl I Love You' (Arctic)

Fantastic Four 'Pin Point It Down' (Soul)

Ascots 'Another Day' (Mir-A-Don)

Jimmy Wallace 'I'll Be Back' (Alpha)

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Great write up John, as yours usually are :thumbup:.

Your playlist sums up the whole ethos of our music policy at Move On: rarities and one offs played alongside overlooked B sides (The Star, great track) and underplayed cheapies like the Fantastic Four and Lattimore Brown. The only common factor that links them together is that they are all quality, danceable soul records.

Well the anniversary has been and gone, the first year has been hard work, frustrating and expensive and we've both learnt a lot (sometimes the hard way!)....but more importantly it has also been great fun and very enjoyable, we've made some good friends and had some unbelievable support from our regulars. The music has been a jaw dropping, eye opening experience as guest after guest has treated us to sets of stunning quality. The early months saw us change from a venue that was too large into a room with a bouncing dance floor, all compounded by some initial nightmare sound issues.......but all of that now seems a distant memory as we've settled into our current venue/room which suits us perfectly and new decks, amp and speakers have been bought to give us a sound system that performs brilliantly and reliably. Which means we head into our second year confident that we can build Move On's reputation as a quality up front soul night and along the way increase the numbers of people who attend. All the advertising an promoting in the world cannot force people to come along, there's plenty of choices for everyone and every taste but if we continue to get the music right then I'm hopeful that the word will start to spread and that Move On will become a 'must go' event on the calendar.

We do it all again on Friday 19th Feb, when Fingers, Matt and I will be joined by guest DJs Paul Sadot and Mr. Soul himself Woody. Hope to see you there :thumbup:


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We do it all again on Friday 19th Feb, when Fingers, Matt and I will be joined by guest DJs Paul Sadot and Mr. Soul himself Woody. Hope to see you there thumbsup.gif


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