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Bishop Auckland Cricket Club 27Th Dec

Guest chris

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Thanks to all involved for taking the time to put this great night on....:yes:

I thoroughly enjoyed it...great atmosphere and the music was spot on from start to finish with everyone playing their own personal tastes...worked very well.... Col did a great job (although difficult at times :hatsoff2: ) of keeping them all in order :thumbsup:

See you all in the new year

All the Best

Chris x

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Our thanks to everyone who came down last night and helped make it a memorable night. Hope it wasn't too chaotic and thet everyone enjoyed themselves. We certainly did, although we're probably paying the price a little today. Once again, thanks to everyone for coming and best wishes for the New Year.


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great nite as chrissy said, music of all genre played to some of the best and genuine people on the north east soul scene. i would like to thank every one who turned out on a dirty nite to help it go well headsy and kev as vibrant as ever what would we do without them ,col

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it was good was'nt it !!

mind you Col I thought you handled the change of spot requests very well.......what a giggle..... :yes::hatsoff2::thumbsup:

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it was good was'nt it !!

mind you Col I thought you handled the change of spot requests very well.......what a giggle..... :thumbup::thumbup::thumbsup:

Didnt have much choice Jeff you battered him into submission frusty2.gif

Some luvly stuff played ---all styles of personal choice----nice one

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Great to end the yr on a high with so many good friends in attendance.

Was'nt expecting anything special, with the weather still being bad in these parts ,but glad to say ,it did'nt spoil a thing.

It was'nt really about the music ,nor was it billed as a soul night ,just a bit of banter amongst friends.

However........it turned out to be a corking night with some fantastic music of the highest order ,topped off with the N.easts finest double act and on top form too!

No...not Ant and Dec .......more like the adult version yes.gif

Kev J and Headsy ....when theses two decide to go for it , you just have to roll with it and take what comes biggrin.gif

Col did his best to keep a bit of order behind the decks and a good job too...it was all a bit impromptu but it definitely worked :lol:

Might just be the start of something good .. it was fun all the way...just a shame i had to leave a tad early ...although come to think of it ,my head still hurt the next morning ...which did'nt help when i realised i was accompanying my son on a trip to Leeds to watch the footie sad.gif

All the best for the new yr ,take care and hope to catch up with you all again soon smile.gif

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Just want to echo what everyone else has said, had a fantastic time with good friends and my feet were aching by the end of the night which is a good sign, though it maybe because Jeff stood on them laugh.gif Great entertainment from the Kev J and Headsy show :lol: I didn't hear one bad record played and it was fantastic that people were able to play what they liked to an appreciative crowd biggrin.gif and thumbup.gif for the excellent dancefloor and atmosphere of the cricket club. Thanks to Col for playing my recs for me biggrin.gif



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Really enjoyed the night. Loved the music. Good atmosphere and great people. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a bank holiday Monday. Hopefully have a repeat in 2011 :):thumbsup:

Have a fantastic New Year.



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