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Riverias-you counterfeit girl-rileys,Ex,£175

Fran Oliver-next time you see me-sonar,Ex,£85

(stafford spin)

Tommy Butler-right on up to the weekend-chattahoochie,Ex,£50

(stafford again,superb)

Jaywalkers-got my own thing going-selsum,Ex,£65 SOLD

(small wol,old Guy spin)

Emorise Kelly-biggest fool-peacock wd,Ex,£40

Shep-fool to fool/i'm sitting in,Ex,£40

(vinyl mint ,label bubling)

Heartstoppers-i'm marching out of your life-all platinum,M-,£27

Enjoyables-push a little harder-capitol,Ex,£95

Eddie Bo-from this day on-seven b,M-,£60

Tony Diamond-dont turn away-blue rock wd,Ex,£85

(labels a bit scruffy,vinyl ex)

Chancellors-everyone got to lose someone sometime,M-,£75

(superb tune ,Baz Atkinson tip)

Gloria Parker-best thing for you baby-samar,M-,£70

(everyone should have this)

Ann Byers-dead end-academy-Ex,£50


Nick Allen-hard way to go-walas,M-,£45 SOLD

(current buzz on this,get it now before the price starts to rise)

Lucy Hayes-i've done it again/laugh away the tears-teen town,Ex,£dont know ,make me an offer

(done it again is 100mph,laugh is brill midtempo)

Apollas-mr creator-wb,Ex+,£65

(would be mint minus apart from drill hole,cleanest copy i've seen in years)

Frank Butler-the way i feel about you-space age,M-,£30

Janie Welsh-cant stop thinking about you-gdc,M,£25

Usual script,1st class inc,recorded £2,sd £6,paypal as a gift/bank transfer,scans & clips available

Cheers Salmon

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Chancellors-everyone got to lose someone sometime,M-,£75

Played this and their Something for Sure at Haigh Hall early doors on Saturday night. Great tune great price.

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Nick Allen-hard way to go-walas

Stunning down tempo flip to this also ! Incredibly epic ! A real two sided gem !

Great tune indeed. There's a good version by Lee Moses as well (on his LP). :thumbsup:

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