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Wants Guidelines As At 24 April 2013 Please Read Now

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Just a few words to hopefully enable members to get the best out of this feature.

Ads, as with Sales, are limited to 2 per day per member with no re-posting within 3 days. After first re-posting allow 7 days. If you are posting a couple or more wants please do not split into seperate ads. When re-posting there is NO need to compose a new ad. Just add a post to original ad along lines of "Still looking" and ad will return to top of the Wants section.

New members are asked to post an introduction before placing any ads.

It is suggested that members are precise in their wording. Asking generally for a want can lead to both set sale and "make me an offer" replies. If members do not wish to make an offer then state clearly in the ad that you are only interested in the item at a set sale price.

Rather than a general "Wanted" or "Looking for..." in the Topic Title it is recommended that members give some indication as to artists,labels etc

Where replies are received to a want it is only polite to contact all members who have taken the time to respond. An interim reply where you are awaiting further offers to compare prices or to decline the offer. The feedback system can be utilised to report those who are felt to be wasting other members' time by asking for 45s and not replying to offers received.

Members can also state what they wish to pay for an item which would cut out having to respond to offers above that price.

If members do not want comments to appear within the ad then lock the topic and ask for all responses to be via PM. If the topic is not locked then members are asked to restrict their comments to those which may help to locate the item. Any wider discussion can be accommodated by opening a new topic in LAYB.

If anone has anything to add to these guidelines then please feel free to discuss here

Thank you


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