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Well another year older, 2 to be precise, and another anniversary celebrated at the Plinston Hall in Letchworth's Garden City with over 300 fellow Rare Soul lovers from across the UK. So here's a brief report on the night for those that couldn't make it and a few of the highlights (for me anyway)........

All 3 rooms saw busy dance-floor action, with the Main Hall rammed to the rafters and The Ghetto! jammed as always. The lads in the Mojo Room did their thing and special guest Alice really gave an outstanding set by all accounts. Lovers of early 6T's and R&B grooves were well satisfied and the future for the room looks bright.

The Ghetto! regulars Nathan, Taffy and Soul Sam ensured the place was a sea of heaving sweaty bodies with all those Modern and Crossover Monsters so beloved by the appreciative throng. I witnessed the Honey Monster, Jackie and the lovely Amy Wildman (and huge congrats' to her for the excellent exam results she has just achieved - unlike the Honey Monster and myself!!!!!) really giving it some welly on the floor, even finding time to ensure the Plinston 2-Step dance was given another airing. However, I have to single out our guest Adam for special praise with a set that blended new sounds alongside current monsters and classic oldies and that saw Ghetto Groovers rammed solid, wall-to-wall! He will most definitely be coming popular demand.

The Main Hall saw heavy action, with the record bar doing a brisk trade (one dealer taking over £3000 in a few minutes!) and the dancers being entertained by Fingers, Hammie and guests Ali Mayer and Mark Bicknell, who played 1½ hrs of quality Rare Soul in this his last set at the club. He will be missed at the Plinston and on the scene.

However, that said, the annual dance competition was it's usual raucous affair with that special Plinston twist to add to the fun. (Those who were at last years anniversary will still remember the 1000mph Latin Soul dancer we threw in at the end to make the dancers work for their money!) This years competition had a retro Mike Reid 'Runaround' theme and was more democratic. 4 dancers were chosen from those that entered and those in the hall were asked to stand behind the dancer they beloved was the best. After some coaxing we had around 10/15 people behind each person. Then we dropped the bombshell....the winner would be the person whose line danced the best to The Gap Band 'Ooops Up Side Your Head'! Shock, horror, fear..and that was just the onlookers! (Although I did notice James Trouble wanting to groove - honest!) Thankfully all 4 finalists did us proud and within a few moments had hit the floor rowing that boat for all they were worth. It was at this point that Mark Bicknell came running, yes you read it right, RUNNING from the bar, plopped himself down and proceeded to lead one of the rows in the dance. I don't want to sling mud here but let's just say he knew all the moves and words perfectly...Hmmmmmmm. One lovely lady, who shall remain nameless but whose pic will be posted later, had to be told that there 'would be no cash for flashing the gash' after we all noted that doing the dance whilst wearing a short dress really wasn't a good idea. After we'd all had a good laugh the winners were revealed as Chris (£75 1st prize; Ian Seabrooke £50 2nd prize and Jenny Knight £25 3rd prize) and that was that for another year.....oh, and for the guy that grabbed me in the toilets I know the Gap band isn't northern soul, it WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!

So, all in all another great night had by all. Everyone received a woven free anniversary patch, experienced that unique Plinston atmosphere in all 3 rooms, danced to they dropped to some quality across the board sounds, had a laugh at others expense and (hopefully) left very happy on the whole.

Our thanks to all guest DJ's on the night and from the past 2 years that have helped to make the Plinston one of the top soul nights in the UK and of course to all the members and newbies alike who continue to support us. It is much appreciated.

Pictures from the night will be posted on site this week and there are a handful supplied by 'The 3 Amigos' of Panche, Chantell & Kev with their own brand of humour (that has resulted in them being banned - Bitches!) See the gallery elsewhere.

I'd do a track listing of some of the sounds spun but as per usual I've lost my notes. For those that want to know we play forgotten oldies; current monsters, sixties newies, modern & Crossover, R&B etc etc. If it's good, chances are we've spun it.


* By the way, we also had to throw that Slade throw-back REG out of the dance comp for 'Dad Dancing' seen at every wedding you've ever been too. Bad boy!

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What a superb night......Post that picture and oppppps you will find an axe outside your head................ really loved the night it was a blast to do one of my final spots at The Plinston.......Thank you.

Regards - Mark Bicknell.

Secret Gap Band

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I really enjoyed your review. My friend Paul McKay went, and I wanted to join him, but I'd been to SITC on Wednesday, and going to Boogaloo on Saturday, didn't know if I could keep it up, what a wimp!! Also had a date with my wife in Sainsburys, obviously NS can't compete with that.

I look forward to the photos, I have never met Mark Bicknell, but the image of him running from the bar to take part in the rowing to the Gap Band has had me and my wife in stitches. Hope there are photos.

Disappointed Janine wasn't taking part after she told me I'd danced to disco at SITC, to Magic Night's If You And I Had Never Met. LOL.

Seriously though I must get over to you. I live in Enfield so it isn't that far. When are your next one's scheduled for. I assume beginning of November, can't get there then as off to SITS, but will definitely get there when I'm free. Sounds a bit of a blast.

Out of curiosity are there any other soul events in the north London/south Herts area?

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Firstly Mr Bicknell I see you are as bad as me for incorporating song titles in your threats!!! Yes, the photos are out there and i am told they wil be winging their way to me, so...about your fee for the night,lol. I am glad you had a good time mate and you certainly went down well with the soulies, top job from a top man.

Thanks for the post Geoff, you missed a good night if you can live with that, lol. See above for photo info and there are worse, FAR WORSE, photos I am told (Molly's missus take note!) Next night is 5th Nov with the lovely Sean Chapman in both the Main hall and the Ghetto! and Dave Halsall in The Ghetto! as well, so a quality night assured when they've finished their sets then :-)) I'll post the dates for all of next year during the week as well, or just drop me a line.

North London event would be The Dome in Tuffnell Park and there is a do up the road in our old stomping ground of Hitchin Football Club at the end of the month I think (lost the flyer again, someone please confirm.) Your support and that of others would be nice as I'm not involved and get a chance to dance for a change.

Ignore Janine, she obviously has been hanging around the North west to much and can no longer hear new toons when spun unless they are oldies, :-)))))

As always people can mail me direct at the 6T's mafia email address with comments and opinons etc.

Thanks again to all the DJ's and soulies and roll on next years dance comp as i have what i fel is the ultimate comp planned.

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"The Only Gay In Church Village"

Have you seen his Trading card then????? Must be hard being apart considering your the only Gay in Bromley, :-)))))) (It must be true, they even mentioned it at Bloxwich)

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Have you seen his Trading card then????? Must be hard being apart considering your the only Gay in Bromley, :-)))))) (It must be true, they even mentioned it at Bloxwich)

Tell me about it I wasn't even there... Kay rang me.

WAR has been declared.. I have a nice picture for your trading card

Mr S Chapman in Red Velvet Cowboy hat...How Camp..

He even put it in Manifesto in a write up about me..

LOL (-:

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