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Nige Brown

Tim - I Need Your Love

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Apologies if this has been asked before but its doin me head in!!


A Fantastic Record in its own right and most of us collectors have a copy

Whats doin me head in ,,, its also the same backing track to a record thats a lot rarer and certainly mote expensive but i cant think for the life of me what it is,,,,

Someone on here know ,, even has one

Put me ou me misery :g:

Many thanks :hatsoff2:

Nige B

heres the quality cheapie

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Wahaa Dave no flys on me bro,,,

Hey Lollo nice one ,,,, now ya gonna tell me youve got one lurking in Prestwich :yes:

Both are fookin top tunes,,,

Cheers Lollo i should have asked ya first shouldnt i :yes:

N x

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It was one I would have liked to have , but never owned . I think it may also be on another label...which is blue that's the issue , me having a silly moment :huh: I always remember the colour first lol

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