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Melba Moore - Magic Touch


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Morning folks,

                      I have recently acquired this record on the Horace label with Tommy Hunt on the flip, is that acceptable to play out or would I need the anniversary single?






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Have you not found a copy of the rule book? It's a gilt leather bound five volume box set edition. Essential reading if you feel the need to conform to an imagined expectation...

As far as I know, Horaces was the first release. 100 Club single next. Then recently issued on Kent. It's an unreleased track which has been played to death, so I don't think anyone really gives a hoot what you play it off.

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Anniversary 45 was first legit release, then horaces, then the recent kent press, all legit, the horaces press is the only legit press of tommy hunt, so feel free to play it out, with no fear of having your collar felt

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Guest sharmo 1

Fantasic number play it on any of them mate.

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Witnessed her sing it live @ BOTW in Manchester this year. Amusing that it was one of the few tracks she knew the words too - many of her soul disco hits she just ad libbed through. 

However her rendition of ' Magic Touch ' nailed it !!

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Actually the slightly different vocal version on Kent 30 is the best audio you'll get on it. Remastered from multi track tape


With extra organ.  :thumbsup:

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Played mine out on the Plain Kent release. (without extra organ). All the kent releases of this record are legit in my book.



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Played mine out on the Plain Kent release. (without extra organ). All the kent releases of this record are legit in my book.


Don't think anyone's doubting if any of them are "legit". Just what is acceptable to the soul police. Must say, i've always thought the audio on the 100 Club 45 was fine, gonna have to buy the new one to see what i'm missing...

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:hatsoff2: HI ALL  And well done you for wanting to no and respect the opinions of soul source members, And to get the nod from ADY the man who made it available to so many, that some people would never dream of such a generous gesture, which he does year in and year out, well done Ady :thumbup: As for rules on DJ at any venue the big no no is playing any of these rare so called pressings, when another DJhad  a legit copy to play, some of the top collectors of rare records are being shit on with the over kill of these type 45s plus they are not collectable no matter what you may be told, unlike the Melba Moore record on the 6t's 100club gift as we are in the no about it's provenance, again this is the mark of SOUL BROTHERS like ADY honest and open transparent, he proves this by taking time out to personally give you the answer, and to conclude no I am not up ADY arsehole, in case someone thinks that way, :thumbup:  :g: RIGHT ON TO BOTH OF YOU :rofl: DAVE K

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Ady, what year was the Horace's issue released?! As a teenager in'87 or '88 or somewhere around that time I vividly recall being at the Princess Suite in Longton, Stoke and jumping over a table with Mossy to dance to it! Monster! Goose bumps! Happy days...


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