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The Look On Your Face / Your Love's Got Me - Confusion

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A bit confused on this tune. Had it listed on a few CFOS (Searling) shows as The Look on your face - James Phelps.

But , also I've got the tune as "Your love's got me"

A quick look at you Tube seems to have BOTH titles, but it seems the same tune - James |Phelps and Satin. And mention of Nate Adams.


Anybody make some sense of this at all ...great song BTW




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To add to confusion, the version I am familiar with is Wales Wallace


Just how many versions of this are there....both titles?



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Just to confirm...is there a Wales Wallace version...or have I been mislead?

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Nate Evans and Mean Grean.....Nate Evans and Bus...Im sure Mean Green is the dimply vinyl boot.


Not a boot is it.? Just issued with different backing band.? Buss being harder.

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