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7 Miles Per Hour Band & Chrysler And Monarchs Band


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After these two please.

PM me with price and condition. Always interested in trades too if I have what you want.

7 Miles Per Hour Band - Playing your game

(preferably the version with Latin freak on the other side but not fussy)


Chrysler and Monarchs Band - I'm not gonna lose you



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7 mph band is a tough one! Sold mine last year with the good flip. They pop up on Ebay more frequently than through here it seems. Good luck.

Indeed mike. Been after it for a while but upping the ante by posting it on here, hopefully will draw a copy out

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Been after it for years Azza, good luck mate i'm always on the hunt for it also.. Hope one of us manages to get it before the weekend so we can hear it out!! :thumbsup:

See you soon brother!

Hope so. They've both been on the wants list for some years, and finally but the bullet by posting on here but not a sniff so far :-(

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