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Lenny Harbottle

‘Disco Dancing Tonight’ - scanned article circa 1979

Recently, returned to the UK after fourteen years as an ex-pat and I am now busy renovating our neglected home. I was clearing some junk out of the loft when I found this old publication. I seem to recall buying it at HMV in Newcastle circa 79/80. It was published in 1979 and the Casino photos are credited to Red Saunders of the Sunday Times. An interesting read. There is more stuff in the loft which I will post later.3282655D-6CC9-43FB-ABB9-AD2F2DA52AB4.thumb.jpeg.d3f520182dfbf3a3ccd4ef24a8b2e887.jpeg

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soul ED46A564 D9F4 423D BD63 2F9E3DB2615A

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What a find! And a great read, although I expect some serious debates will ensue!  

"The queue is reminiscent of a gang of hyperactives trying to get out of a burning  cinema through a cat flap"... brilliant! 😂

"1300 dancers on the floor" ...all at once? Really?! 🤔 That many? Never seemed like that many? I'm not good with numbers, but 1300? All at once? Was that even possible? I mean I was there, but 1300? All at the same time? Really? 

"12 black chicks" and "A small contingent of girls who, for their part, seemed perfectly happy to dance amongst themselves".  Grrrrr 1970s bigoted attitude.  😠  Pat the little women on the head, bless their little cotton socks.  Good for them for trying though. Grrrrrr.

"It died in the end because the machine ran out of obscurities". 😂. That sounds like me when my boss asked me what I thought about the internet in the mid 1990s and I said "Oh it'll never catch on".

Thanks for sharing! A great read! 👍🏼

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thanks for sharing Lenny, interesting and entertaining take/read, nice one 👍

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