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Bobby Harden & the Soulful Saints ‘ feels so good ‘


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Looking for one with ‘original’ label as understand later ones have different label ? 
Seen  ‘silly’ discogs etc prices. Sadly in UK can’t buy direct from Dala site at 10$! as they don’t ship outside North America. 
Pms please if anyone has a spare . 


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1 hour ago, Chalky said:

Out of interest and sorry to hijack, Is the repress from different masters?  If it is the same then it is a first issue still, may have different labels but still first issue.  Strange also how they don't ship abroad, sure I bought my copy from their site?

Dala are saying it’s a repress . It’s got different labels . 

42 minutes ago, Soulcarp said:

I got mind from daptone records in the states if that helps 

Tried them - sold out . 

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