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Video: Bbc Breakfast Northern Soul Feature 2024

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Hi Mike &Team S.S. ,

                             Cheers for post ,as your EU members cannot  view BBC I Player broadcasts, LOL John , Malaga,Spain. ( Ps ,Love the irony of Stuarts comment ,"There are no rules in enjoying Northern Soul , What ??;)

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And Thanks from me to Mike for putting this up as i don't watch  BBC Breakfast...........


So after viewing the feature we keep hearing the statement all the time that    "Northern Soul Is Back!"

  from the Media and People Like Stuart, i think the question that we ALL would like the answer to is,


When was there a weekend (or week day) for that matter we could not put our coats on and go out to a Northern Soul Nite any where in the country over the years...........

Or am i missing something i don't know, along with a lot of other Soul Minded People?

Seems now there is going to be more and more of these sort of Events taking place up and down the country and if people want to go to see them then that is up to them, their choice, just not the sort of thing i would go to, that is also my choice.

Going to be interesting what other people will make of it after viewing the BBC Breakfast Feature as well. 


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Well the dates have been announced for this ' venture ' were a broad concensus of knowledgeable soul folk interviewed with regards the selection of tunes, proposed for this ' tour ' or have bbc media suddenly become experts on a subject, very few of them understand?, 50 odd years of ' not getting it ' and tryng to tell us things about the music, venues, artists etc that we already knew or have long forgotten about.

We dont do a ' Northern Soul ' dance.....we dance to Northern Soul, if we want to determine any name to refer to dance moves, its freestyle, always has been, everyone dances differently...its like dna, no two dancers are the same, everybody inteprets what they feel when they hear the lyrics, hear the music, feel the beat.

Anyway, i presume these events will be ' standing only' as theyre going to want the audiences to join in and enjoy the music the way only they know best...and they will be filmed too?

I suppose and orchestra has to be considered better than any tribute band or artist, belting out these classics, they say they ' love '...i prefer the originals...but, an orchestra should at least make a qualified attempt at replicating ' instrumentals '

At least go for something different though, rather than the tried, tested and thoroughly worn out.

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