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Not The Usual Vinyl Opposed To Cd Debate

Guest Brett F

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Guest Brett F

I'm sat here listening to a rather splendid Kent CD, the track I am enjoying is Cal Tjaders 1971 outing for Fantasy " Evil Ways", the thing that is troubling me is, that seeing as I am marooned in a "Big City" under some Biblical amount of Gods water, I have grown lazy and I am beginning to drink heavily and have rejected my vinyl collection for the "IDLERS" way the CD- Here is my dilemma- the thing is, I have the Cal Tjader 45' on a fantasy 45' and although I am loving the music (via CD)

I feel almost unfulfilled. The only analogy I can give is to have sexual intercourse with some large faux inflatable rubber woman- Yes I get a sense of satisfaction, but I feel ultimately cheated (I hasten to add that I have never had sexual relations with an inflatable woman made of rubber and that I ever called her Maureen and made her wear lip-gloss and a fetching pair of "Charles Jourdan" patent court shoes.......These are foul rumours and I'll fight any man in the room who says different.)

___________ Hell you get my meaning.

I know it's an old and languid argument, but I really felt like I was missing the pieces to a puzzle and that I cheated to win the prize.

Whatever................. As a teenager

my parents had me sectioned at St Elizabeth's, I had my head shaved and was kept in restraints.

----I keep the same haircut.

Be lucky. Brett Franklin

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Most active in this topic

Most active in this topic

Although I like the look of women in vinyl and rubber I much prefer them in leather.

:lol: and as you are well aware Martin 'her indoors' has a love for all 3 of the above and can be seen out in such at the venues we escape too! As far as the original topic is concerned for me it doesn't matter ultimately what the format is, its the Soul that is above all the over riding factor - soul by any means necessary - to quote the old Plinston mantra. Vinyl looks and feels better but there are so many great toons that are CD only that to toss them aside so easily is a crime - much like your fashion sense Rbman!!!! Rave on, rave on you mad fools unti your drown in a sea of human protoplasam......till next time campers

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