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Amanda Humphrey


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Most active in this topic

I cant help you Dazz but had to say why I cant sell you my copy...

for some unnatural reason I swapped my copy of Colt 45's on Jerri for it, and as such can never sell that record! Buggar!!

you should be able to pick one up though, don't pay more than £30 odd quid...

good luck.


Thanks for the info Mal

Sorry to hear about your rush of blood to the head mate :thumbsup: but perhaps it would be a bit cathartic for you to let me have it. I'll even give you a touch more than 30 quid for extra peace of mind and then perhaps you will be rid of your nightmare every time somebody asks for this 45 :unsure:

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for any r&b fans: playing a top record by her at the moment, made to promote a diner in la or Las vegas or somewhere! i think the backing track is from something else with her singing about sandwhiches over dubbed! :( rocks the r&b dance though! will post below

sorry can't post, says artist/title/label are required even though they were filled in.

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