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  1. 'Trapped' the Icelandic series on BBC4 is pretty good.
  2. ...and on More 4 on a Friday evening.
  3. That's so difficult. Linda Jones and the Whatnauts but only by a gnat's whisker from the O'Jays.
  4. They're both great versions but I think the slightly slower tempo of Howard Guyton suits the song better. Teddy Randazzo's arrangement and production is also superior.
  5. Very well known but such an evocative and sad song.
  6. Agreed. It rather spoilt an otherwise superb episode though I suppose we need to see how it progresses before being too critical. I think TM would probably have been too busy frolicking in the wheat fields
  7. The first episode of 'The Bodyguard' on BBC1 last night was superb. Looks like it's going to be a great series.
  8. It was on Freeview channel Spike at about 1.00 in the morning. Saw the first two series and it was very good.
  9. Johnnie Mae Matthews - but only just. The rawness in her voice makes me believe that she really means it.
  10. No contest - got to be Edwin Starr. He sings it as though he actually means it whereas Doni Burdick just plods through the song.
  11. Brilliant tune. Here's another slightly more uptempo version which, I would think , features the same musicians:

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