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  1. BlueWail


  2. A real gentleman and lovely person....he will be greatly missed
  3. when people ask me i usually say "rare soul" to avoid the baggy trousers and vests that northern soul usually brings into the conversation then when asked what groups/singers/artists are rare soul i rattle of a list of random soul artists and the person im talking to loses interest
  4. I'm left wondering what (if anything) we've done wrong. I dont think anything was wrong with birchfield,you always tried to cater for what the punters wanted you cant really ask for more than that.
  5. Edwin starr , faith in you on the day he died...had a cd on in the car and it came on just after i had heard the news of his death
  6. My favourite management moment was when they made you finish the night early because someone had smashed up the pay phone Sad news that a decade of soul at the birchfield is over though. I will be there for the last one to enjoy a smoke outide in the special unheated uncoverd smokers area
  7. Big dancefloor,Good tunes,Great venue apart from the big hike when you want a smoke The first soul night my 23 year old daughter has ever been to....after a lifetime of listening to her dads soul music (maybe my choice of the soul spectrum) and always saying that she would eather chew her own leg off than spend a night listening to that shite anyway She and her husband came to the Northern Line and were very pleased with the night so much they want to know hen the next one is Anywhere that plays little tommy is rockin for me
  8. wheres the two wrongs? Some racist soulies and My huggie bear street talk no comparison la
  9. More important ken is the views of some of our soul brethern I was at a weekender about ten years ago and was surprised by the quote Its surprising you dont get many ni++ers here with it alll being ni++er music that they play here This was off a bloke who was showing me his "soul patches" dating back to the wheel
  10. yeah your right Honkey is a horrible word i feel violated by using it What pc thingy can i report myself to?
  11. Probably black folk were mainly into west indian music (from their parents)whilst (some) honkeys were into american music due to not much going on in blighty Britain miles away from america The west indies miles away from america Neither place has any connection with america
  12. I received a cheque a week or so back and it was cashed ok So i have got my money back I thought everyone had been paid back this time around
  13. I have never heard of that money claim thing I was going to see if they pitched up at prestatyn again and ask them for my cash in person,but thats a while off So i will give that site a whirl in the meantime Thanks
  14. I sent my bounced cheque back to nottingham a week or so back Im still waiting for my money to arrive.

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