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  1. If you wish to start a thread about clashing venues, have at it, otherwise back on topic please chaps.
  2. If you decide to carry on with the Kings/Queens, can we take it to PMs please, Ta.
  3. Also, if you aren't particularly aufait with Funk, you can do a lot worse than picking up a copy of The Sound Of Funk Vol1 on Goldmine. I worked in a clothing / record store in the early 90s, and we sold about 50 copies of the LP, because it was quality from start to finish.
  4. A toss up between James Lewis Fields: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg1SFj9bOsE and Dyke and The Blazers: Although there are 100s of Funk tracks that I love, but can't get on with a lot of the current so called Funky Northern...
  5. Tom Green seemed a bit on the cheap side - thought Manship would get three figures for it to be fair....
  6. This week on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPYDER-TURNER-Stand-By-Me-EP-FRENCH-RARE-MOTOWN-NORTHERN-SOUL-MOD-DANCER-/361091003178?pt=UK_Records&hash=item5412b3732a
  7. pikeys dog

    King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club

    Lee writes..... Is it too early to use the C word?...........Well, I'm going to risk it. It's almost King Bee Christmas time. The hippest, most happening, blues wailing party in town. Joe Dutton as is King Bee tradition will be dressed as father christmas, Gav will be spreading Christmas good will and cheer, and Graham The Rabbi Wright will be blessing his flock. All three will of course be ensuring that the King Bee Christmas Shindig is one dancefloor packed celebration to kick off the party season. So who can we ask to help out as guest DJ? only one man for the job in my opinion.....our very good friend.........and one of THE best DJ's on the scene....Mik Pow Wow Parry. It really is going to be the party of all parties this festive season. Myself and Nick Pearson will be showering you with glitter and fairy dust as you enter!!!! See you there good people Saturday December 13th
  8. I've had that vinyl copy of Laura Lee, and can definitely say it's a boot for two reasons: 1, The sound quality is, to be quite frank, shit. Even if it looks mint it has poor sound in comparison to other Ric tic releases.. 2. The print quality upon close inspection is also poor by Ric Tic standards.
  9. I sold one about years ago to a US based Dynovoice collector... He knew it was a bootleg, but he wanted it enough to bid over £30 for it, even when i explained it was only a £5 record. He was chuffed to bits with it.
  10. I've sold a few things through John's auctions, and I've never been told that I had 'one bid' on one of my own items. Since this constitutes Shill Bidding, I can't see John doing it. This sounds like complete bull to me.
  11. Played both of them out in my time - not Northern do's natch...
  12. I reckon just over £10K... And it will end up with a London/British collector rather than a DJ.
  13. You might get more interest in your sales if you post an introduction as your member name gives no indication as to who you are... And also you are asking for gift payment by Paypal which of course provides no cover in the event of a problem.
  14. I've got four of these - 2 are still in good condition, but the other two are coming apart at the edges - the corner strip is too weak for the job. I definitely wouldn't recommend them. I've got an old black plastic Adda case which I've had longer, and is still is fine fettle. I've also got a 100 count Swanflight, which is near indestructible, but isn't comfortable to carry due to the positioning of the handle (they position them centrally, which means they are slightly off centre when operated).
  15. I've had several Recorded parcels left without a signature. I've also had the postman post 'sorry you weren't in' cards as Maslar states above. When I ran out and asked for the parcel, he admitted that he didn't have the parcel with him, and that they often just take the cards out for recorded delivery, as they expect people to be at work when they are delivering.
  16. I paid a tenner for mine no more than ten years ago.
  17. Never booted (unless it's been done in the lastfew years).... was an easy to find ten quid record until about 7 years ago, then started flying up in price.
  18. Was a cheap record in ther late 80s / early 90s when I bought mine (no more than a fiver) and was fairly common. It's only over the last few years that silly prices have been asked.
  19. Rubiayats Omar Khayyam - presume this was an Action label copy? Someone's paid a lot of money for a £50 record. Blurb states rarest and most wanted on label - I'd dispute that as well - Z Z Hill, Eddie Holman, Tom Green are three that spring to mind immediately....
  20. I'm almost certain it came out in Europe as well - think there's a German issue.
  21. Watch the 12" - i've had three that jumped, had to return them all - ended up with a mis labelled 7"
  22. Let's keep this thread civil. If you want to call each other names please take it to personal messages. Thanks.
  23. Luis Aviles & The Latin Blues Band: Moon People: Dave Cortez & Moon People:

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