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  1. Warren Filmer has a 100 Club 40th Anniversary ticket at face value available for tonight. Let Warren or me know if interested.
  2. Reduced me to tears great documentary. Will try and get to one of his shows.
  3. Sounds like Andy and Tracey Holroyd from Beeston Notts. Andy makes DVDs of venues andy@hold11.freeserve.co.uk I have his telephone number if no joy with the email Lorraine
  4. Graham and I are coming, what time are you picking us up? Lorraine
  5. Worked for me, hardly sat down all night, = today ouch couch ouch
  6. We need Stuart Cosgrove to write them all, you can be sure then they would be, entertaining knowledgeable and accurate.
  7. Rick you may wish to consider posting this reply directly onto the Guardian website, as you say these distortions that are constantly trotted out are in danger of becoming regarded as the 'truth', and I for one believe it is important to keep countering the propaganda.
  8. http://www.guardian....ul-soulboy-film " By 1976, the regulars had moved on while a new generation - Bryan Ferry and David Bowie among them - turned their attention to the jazz-funk scene developing on Canvey Island." Obviously being a Southerner, busy writing about the Jam for the NME, Paolo missed the Jazz Funk Scene at Rafters in Manchester and the Birmingham scene. "For three years (1976-1979 according to Paolo, as the first 6Ts was Aug 1979), northern soul lay fallow until two diehards, Randy Cozens and Ady Croasdell started a northern night in London's Covent Garden called 6T
  9. Neil you are wonderful and have always, over the many years, kept pushing so the music remained cutting edge and fresh - don't let those who want to stand still suck the energy out of you to carry on doing what you have always done so well. Lorraine
  10. He's always had a way with words has Mr Cosgrove, Lx He
  11. Here is an old photo of our very own Spot - with hair - See you in Newquay Spot if not before, I'm bringing Douglas with me so you'd best warn Gail. Lorraine

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