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  1. Yeah Sweet and heavenly melody is a fantastic uplifting tune.
  2. I’m late to this thread too. 13 years late. The Alexandra in Clapham used to have soul do’s. Was someone asking about that?
  3. Think he had a girlfriend from Crewe. And may have moved there after Burnley.
  4. Gary Taylor from Burnley isn't it? Off the scale spinner.
  5. King George? Cole and the grandeurs?
  6. Willie kendrick give me lots of loving?
  7. Somewhere near Leicester Square in the early 90s. Keb Darge was DJing, and occasionally dancing. There was me on my own, a skinhead type with two Japanese girls over the other side, and... er... that was it. Redcar in the mid-80s. 4 hour slog to get there from Manchester. Miserable cold rainy night. 10 people in. Dire. I also remember a Colwyn Bay incident in the mid-80s. The sound system broke or something. I remember someone putting on their cassette player and we were all trying to make do and pretend we were still happy. But we weren't.
  8. One that springs to mind... Falcons - Love you like you’ve never been loved. One second in, sounds to me like a weird electronic bleep. Sounds like a right old error. But, like a wart on the nose of your beloved child, just makes you love the thing all the more.
  9. In this week’s cack-fest… Bunny Sigler’s circus woes… possible Northern Soul tribute bands… Eamon Andrews meets Dave… and a look at the amount of northern records called Baby I need you. It’s ludicrous. It’s pointless. It’s an hour you’ll never get back. But within that very same hour, at least you’ll hear songs by The Meridians, Eddie Kendricks, Soul Fay, Detroit Soul, Larry Davis, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Brooks O’Dell and Perri Lee. And so on. And so forth.
  10. Hear all five episodes of Del Larking Around, if you've nothing better to do. Lesser-played Northern, interrupted by three pillocks jabbering on. Listen this very second. Or do we have to get in the queue behind the other 4 trillion soul podcasts out there?
  11. In this week’s splurge of Northern Soul ridiculousnessness… an awkward encounter between Jennifer Wells and Jimmy Hart in Chinatown… Northern Soul duos who sound like your parents’ friends from the 70s… a feeble joke about Eddie Whitehead on Blackjack… bad segues… NS Mastermind… and general banality. It’s an hour you’ll never get back. But within that hour, at least you’ll hear songs by Joe Douglas, Larry Chubby Reynolds, The Caesars, Richard Moorehead, Clyde McPhatter, Ida Sands and Boris Gardiner. And people like that.
  12. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Stay in if you can. And less importantly, listen to three idiots playing some nice Northern Soul and spouting nonsense. In this week’s episode, we hear from a Russian soulie, we do a bad joke about George Sharp, and we tell you of a rare NS track we heard on a recent Netflix show. It’s an hour you’ll never get back. But within that hour, at least you’ll hear songs by the Hy-Tones, the Matadors, Ann Heywood, Johnny Moore, Hugh McCracken, Randy Brown and Doris Wilson.
  13. Self-isolating? You've no excuse not to listen to the three idiots then. Lots of nice Northern Soul, interrupted by banal gibberish and bad segues. In this week’s episode, we pose vital questions like, how many snakes could Scotty Williams feel all over his feet? How many revolutions could Vernon from Bradford do? And how come a recent beer ad nicked the Dilly Dilly off an old Stafford record? It’s an hour you’ll never get back. But within that hour, at least you’ll hear songs by Fluffy Falana, Sonny Daye, The Trumains, The Master Four, Jeffrey Allen, Freddie Scott, Oscar Wright, T
  14. It's a whole world of stupid. It's gibberish at times. It's an hour you'll never get back. But Episodes 1 and 2 do at least contain songs by Jeffrey Allen, Oscar Wright, Big Don's Rebellion, Roger Hatcher, Fluffy Falana, Silky Hargraves and the Trumains. And some cheese puns.

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