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  1. Hello All Not be long now and really looking forward to coming back home. As I said earlier anyone wanting an airing of a tune off the CD, please ask and they will be played. I will also be bringing a nice little sales box along with me, mostly Demos of course and hopefully I will be bringing a portable deck with me so you can listen before you buy. Andy's all set to go and will be as is the norm, on top of his game by giving you an hours worth of top class oldies from the top drawer. Great Man, Great DJ and a Great Friend. See you all there then. KTf Ian G
  2. Hello Ray Not long now to blast off with the great "Smudge Smith" on the decks. Pleased you like the CD especially Incredibles and Sam Cooke, as you quite rightly, say two great dance records which I will be playing for you on Saturday. If anyone else has any records they like from the CD please let us know so we can give them a spin for you. See you all there then. KTF Ian G
  3. Hello All .As Carl say's, it's that time again and what a great guest we have to compliment the night. One of Kingsway's all star favourites "Andy Smudge Smith". A proven Top Class DJ of many, many years who also has a collection to die for. Smudge certainly knows how to fill a floor and on top of that he is a great friend to myself, Carl and many of The Kingsway regulars. If you haven't heard Smudge play before, do yourself a massive favour by coming down and joining our Soul Family to dance the night away. Everyone is made especially welcome at our club and we are proud of th
  4. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

    Hello All Hope you all have a banging night at "The Route", as has been said earlier this great do of Steve's is getting better month on month. It's a true saying "You only get out what you put in" and Steve epitomises that with his infectious kind manner and making each and everyone who attends feel special including myself and Terry who love playing "The Route" and that won't change. Finally, just to scotch the rumour mongers. I am not and have not packed up at "The Route". I don't know who started it or why and I'm not particularly bothered but believe me when I say "I'm not". Me and Stev
  5. Hello All Sorry about missing this night but I'm back for the next one. Carl was gagging to play some forgotten gems early on, so I hope he had a few dancers in to delight with some great sounds. From what I've been reading, sounds like a packer was on the books. It's great to see that old dancefloor full of the top dancers and quite rightly so cos it's a fantastic venue run by the nicest, most well respected figure on "The Scene" Mr Carl Piper. Fifteen years with an unchanged format tells it's own story. All for now, so see you at the next one on Saturday 27 September.
  6. Hello All Just got back from the "Davys" early shift, lots of brilliant sounds being played from the first six DJ's including some really great sounds from the Golden Era. The place was in full swing when I left and they were still coming through the doors. Well done to "The Big Man" for this fantastic event and thanks for allowing me to be part of it. KTF Ian G
  7. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

    Hello All It's all been said already about last night at "The Route". True to form we all tried to whet your appetites with the underplayed stuff and forgotten stuff, hopefully all the requests got played because there was quite a few asked for. Thank you Tommo for your trip down memory lane and all the best for your trip to Spain. However, most thanks must be given to all who attended from all parts of the Country, alongside the regulars between you keeping the floor full all night. Once again my thanks to Steve for making me one of the "Route 61 Team" along with my mate
  8. Hello All Looking forward to this one. Always love playing at Davy's, it's such a brilliant venue, tailor made for Northern Soul. With my good friend "Big Cliff" in charge of proceedings and what sounds like a large turn out I think we may be in for a fantastic night. See you all there then KTF Ian G
  9. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

    Hello All Yes I got my few marbles that are left mixed up and nearly set off to the NE. Nice to kick off the BH with our monthly portion of carefully selected Northern Soul and blessed with a visit from "Tommo" who will be keeping the floor busy with his particular sounds. Myself, Steve and Terry filling in the gaps and giving you fresh dance sounds from the past that have sadly been left behind but are now getting a much deserved resurgence. Come along and join the party, always a lovely warm welcome from Steve and lots of smiling faces attending every month. A venue to die for
  10. Hello All I can't add any more superlatives to what's been said apart from WOW!!! What a fabulous night. Ray sums it all up really with the one word "Respect" that is what makes it so special and stand alone. The Dj's respect the dancers favourites and the dancers respect the Dj's playlists. I and I think I can speak for a lot of DJ's when I say they get such a tremendous boost from playing Kingsway, it's such a wonderful sight to look down on all the spectacular floorwork going on right in front of you, just tremendous. Thank you my wonderful friends for making the last Saturday of the mont
  11. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

  12. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

    Hello All Wow, a blisteringly hot night at "61" but our faithful followers were there in force along with one or two new faces. The music was how it should be, mixing unknowns with the popular stuff. Dancers on the floor all night with great spots from Steve, Tez and Steve Powell (our stand in Guest). Lots of smiling faces and appreciative claps which makes it all worthwhile. Steve (KOKO), it's working. See you all at Kingsway tonight then. KTF Ian G
  13. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

  14. Hello All Another belting night on the cards with Myself and Carl filling the gaps in between our guests Steve and Yocki. Both guests are like minded to the Kingsway music policy and always deliver superb sets when they grace our decks. Tommo and Carl along with all the other brilliant dancers who attend KWH will be keeping the floor busy. It is a fantastic sight from the stage looking down on the dancers when they are going through their mesmerising repertoire of moves. Those who aren't dancing enjoy themselves equally as much just by watching the proceedings. Rob Smith and
  15. iansgee

    Route61 Soul Club

    Hello All Get ready for a scorcher tonight. Great sounds in a great venue served up to great people every month. Lovely comments from Stu regarding our playlists. We each play a varied set combining popular sounds with underplayed gems maintaining the dance beat all night. All requests get played and everybody seems to enjoy the format. Steve is a brilliant host and we all have a great time. So see you all there then. KTF Ian G

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