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  1. Was that the same Judd who ridiculed A casino icon , mmmm
  2. Remember watching A dancer from the balcony on my 1st casino visit dance very similar to this lad , along with stomping & clapping , A lost art , we did dance better in those days didn’t we !!
  3. Would deffo tuck mine in my Spencer’s if I was 2 stone lighter ,
  4. Was under the opinion the dancers travelled round the country to hear & dance to there favourite tunes , following certain DJs who had A certain record , they certainly don’t sound the same in A 2 up 2 down bed sit in Clapham as they do in An empress ballroom ,
  5. I don’t think the quality was that gr8 , seem to remember the sides of the soles splitting & carrying out repairs with A hot knife was A regular chore ,
  6. The everything was deffo far far better 40 years ago or so I’m lead 2 believe
  7. Funnily enough, my Dad worked at the Senior Service factory in Middleton for a few years, and then for about twenty five at the Pattrieouoex plant. And yes, it was in Hyde!  worked as A lorry driver 4 all of 2 month , working out of Hyde cigarette factory , there was free cigarettes piled high 4 the employees in the canteen was even tempted start smoking , the 3am starts would have killed me off long before the nicotine,
  8. Clogs up the punch holes more like on my brogues & with my tin hat & speckled trousers I feel like Fred the homepride man sand dancing
  9. Talc is useful STOPS NAPPY RASH , wants banning from niters
  10. Morecambe & wise , Tommy Cooper , where eagles dare & any other 1970s top 500 shows ,films that R well dated & been shown 2 death , takeaway the 70s records & programmes & we could watch more cooking & celebrity game shows !!! Bar Humbug
  11. Along with watefall I know all the lyrics from start 2 finish & that’s from someone who carnt remember if he has locked the front door or put his handbrake on his car

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