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  1. Agree 100% , not having another pet is something I 4T but Medli has her own personality and don’t regret having her , the 2 staffies are like chalk & cheese .
  2. An E bike is the way 2 go , and B4 anyone chirps in its cheating I have probably done more miles backwards than most have done 4wards and A godsend 4 arthritis
  3. nobody wants spend 2K 4 A 2nd hand road bike tho
  4. The bike industry has gone bonkers , these bikes are selling On EBay £100 more than they cost new 4 years ago .
  5. The Rolex is A luxury watch, the Tag is A fashion watch, heavy with A strap that pinches yur skin and worn by football hooligans ,
  6. I like my watches but probably know as much about vintage watches as I know about soul records , NOTHING , where would U wear A vintage watch !! U couldn’t wear them as A dress watch , I like new watches , would like the new Tudor black bay but it’s near on impossible get 1 !
  7. Went Colwyn bay pier & Nobody in ! Cancelled @ last minute ! Big thanx 2 the young lady who put us up 4 the night
  8. Never dance northern ( whatever that is ) @ A wedding reception, best stick To whoops upside yur head & the time warp !
  9. Went A Motown night @ Wigan casino on A Friday nite , only A hand full in , also the windmill club @ Rotherham , Pat Brady all dayer there wasn’t 6 in !!!
  10. Was that the same Judd who ridiculed A casino icon , mmmm

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