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  1. Having an electric company car next month Kia Niro , the fuel consumption on my diesel Vauxhall is mega @ 65 mpg but dirty slow ,smelly & noisy , electric is the way 4ward
  2. Yea black bay blue on soft leather strap , didn’t want the bracelet as unless they got A micro adjust , fitment is A problem , and not A fan of the fake rivets , the face is A little on the small side but the 70 hour power reserve is awesome and for half the price of A seamaster ,
  3. Up - Pedal assist Down - Pedalling
  4. The Rolex is A luxury watch, the Tag is A fashion watch, heavy with A strap that pinches yur skin and worn by football hooligans ,
  5. I like my watches but probably know as much about vintage watches as I know about soul records , NOTHING , where would U wear A vintage watch !! U couldn’t wear them as A dress watch , I like new watches , would like the new Tudor black bay but it’s near on impossible get 1 !
  6. Was under the opinion the dancers travelled round the country to hear & dance to there favourite tunes , following certain DJs who had A certain record , they certainly don’t sound the same in A 2 up 2 down bed sit in Clapham as they do in An empress ballroom ,
  7. The everything was deffo far far better 40 years ago or so I’m lead 2 believe
  8. Funnily enough, my Dad worked at the Senior Service factory in Middleton for a few years, and then for about twenty five at the Pattrieouoex plant. And yes, it was in Hyde!  worked as A lorry driver 4 all of 2 month , working out of Hyde cigarette factory , there was free cigarettes piled high 4 the employees in the canteen was even tempted start smoking , the 3am starts would have killed me off long before the nicotine,

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