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    not rewriting history to make me look cooler than I am (was?)
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    Just ouside of town
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    The Sounds of Soul - Footsee - you had to be there

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  1. I always try to work on the "if you can't say anything nice" principle. But in all fairness that tune has nothing to do with what I understand to be soul music, so I can understand why people were critical. No need to get too excited though eh?
  2. Andy Lee gave it go back in the 70's following the success of "I don't know what foot to dance on" - no one seemed particularly interested at the time. Great tune though.
  3. I always thought that Kool Blues track was killer too!
  4. Can't remember the Chosen Few ever being played. It was usually Simons "Sounds of Soul" emi disc as I recall. A totally different kettle of fish to the the WCF issue. Amazingly, it isn't on youtube, any got a copy to post and remind us?
  5. Missed that the first time around, what a good read!
  6. Taken me a couple of days to get around to posting, and I only wanted to say what a very good night this was. Nice records played, spoke to some lovely people, as you might say; "I had a good time" - thanks to all concerned, a most enjoyable night. Look forward to seeing you when you move,
  7. It's Breakwater "Say you love me girl" on Arista
  8. Definitely not a Solid Hitbound prod (or for that matter solo) but I have this duet with Neil Pointer from about 1980 in a box somewhere; Thought it might interest someone.
  9. Been a long time since I saw it, but I have an issue of Loyd Price "Love music"/"Just for baby" on a Capitol manufacted issue somewhere.
  10. I thought it was the other way around - long intro on Soft, short intro on Coral? Long time since I owned either but that's how I remember it - have mis rembered all this time?
  11. A very sad day, quite apart from his significance in the world of music, he was a truly lovely guy, always willing to give you the time, and full of fascinating tales. A man who will be missed.
  12. Rich B


    Yeah, me too Steve!
  13. Rich B


    This Rich Broughton chappie sounds a bit dodgy to me - I wouldn't put too much faith in him if I were you all!
  14. Saw him play it sometime in '75 when he came to the Nottm Palais, he referred to it as a 'New York press' then.
  15. Perhaps you might like to enlighten us as to who you think is more deserving Jane? I'm sure it would make interesting reading.

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