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  1. Let the world know Northern Soul Dancing is alive.....That was a total embarrassment and anybody who has been on the scene a long time will understand why.....He`s turned this once great underground scene into a laughing episode and that`ll take some beating in the future but I don`t hold my breath with the UK media.....They like a good laugh!!!.....Got nothing against the guy prancing I mean dancing, he`s got balls to go on there,just hope his phone does`t ring for a follow up spot.......No way can you say the guy did good unless youve just been going to soul do`s for a short time and think wow!!! this is so good he`s let the world know how we dance at Northern Soul I am so proud!!!!!!!
  2. fatfish

    Dark Horses

    Thinking of going Dark Horses as Springfield niter a million miles away...........need my weekly dose of all nighter soul.......not been under the DH promoters reign yet......Always looks a good DJ lineup.......why the dig with the soul police is there a problem or you just taking the mic?......
  3. Agree totally with Howie except for the music l stayed until nearly the end, traveled 280 mls rnd trip.....thought the music policy was the best ive heard this year.......Needs an upgrade to another venue, the dance floor was bad and covered in talc because there was no give.....Im coming up 67 and that dance floor nearly finished me off lol.....As good as the music was that floor was the worse ive been on for a long long time......Music policy is like a breath of fresh air along side the oldies All Nighters imo......just needs a venue fitting the music !!!!!.....
  4. WTF the vocals compliment the superb orchestral backing IMO.....maybe bit poppy but crap, go get your hearing checked out lol.....like in previous posts when you hear this over a good sound system and loud it has that special vibe that most appreciate.....not heard it out for a long time about time Butch sold it on to a dj that plays it out lol.....
  5. fatfish


  6. fatfish

    Whitchurch civic center

    If memory serves me well was 72 or 73 when last at civic for a dayer really looking forward to attending this niter..... as for a new middleton lets see!!!! This is the place to be over the bank holiday for sure the time is right for a new regular proper all nighter lets make it happen this sunday
  7. Come on people lets up this first niter you cant all be on facebook !.........not been to pumping hearts soul nights, too far but looking forward to this niter with an excellent music policy.........
  8. fatfish

    Rugby Allniter

    Wow!!! just seen the dj lineups in both rooms this could be one of the best rugby niters music wise !!!! Why go to the seaside when this place will be rock-in come saturday
  9. fatfish


    The younger promoters djs and dancers brought much needed energy enthusiasm and coolness to this nighter IMO. Do we really need kings hall part two!!! I participate in both scenes i like my upfront and rare and but i still love my oldies and i thought the old hands ted and mick h balanced the music policy up it was banging on that dance floor saturday. The sound system was a little distorted near the bar area thats my only gripe..... overall a really enjoyable night will go again and i highly recommend this nighter
  10. fatfish

    Newhampton Soul Club CATACOMBS SPECIAL

    I really wanted to attend catacombs anniversary night also but the pathetic sorry no other words to describe the total lack of communication on promotion side put me off. Was it too much trouble for ending time to be announced for the sake of people who travel a long way!!!!!....... Hope it was a excellent and well attended night last night but remember next time lots of people attended the cats club well outside the Wolverhampton area.....REALLY bad show soul snakedown!!!!!
  11. fatfish

    Newhampton Soul Club CATACOMBS SPECIAL

    Traveling a long way for the catacombs anniversary nighter can you give a specific time it will finsh...Poster says nighter hope it means at least 6am end....Any chance of dj times ect thanks.
  12. What a great thread this is always had a soft spot for instrumentals since Telstar - Tornadoes, Jet Harris/Shadows ect ooops wrong thread! then into me soul years at the local club the infamous bowling green hotel in Newark circa 68/69 Al kent - Your gotta pay the price, Cliff Nobles -The Horse, the brilliant Switch it on, can someone put that up please,first time ive heard that for years only searched it out because of this thread + a few ive forgotten about, one that sticks in my mind and to this day takes some beating imho is Earl Van Dykes incredible six by six still my favourite instrumental of all time still pulls me to the dance floor with the same or more emotion inside me as it did in 69/70 even more so now because I know all about the the funk bros because of sitsom dvd. Last week at lifeline niter what a brill night that was by the way really liked soul sams prove yourself a lady inst just waiting for a instrumental version of the Nancy Wilcox monster tune to come out
  13. As you enter main hall every other record is from the torch or early wigan from a crystal clear sound system. After a few hours dancing and listening to the golden era I venture to room two which looks remarkably like the kestrel suite oh fook it is and its delivering the atmosphere and tunes that a burnley niter is renowned for After 3 am they swap rooms and the oldies crowd finally get out of there comfort zone and appreciate what great tunes are still out there!!
  14. This could be one of the best dayer/niters for 2013 the venue is that good always enjoyed both rooms at the civic. Its a bit like derby assembly rooms for comparison go easy over xmas and pencil this as a must do lets welcome spyder turner big time to the uk for his first public appearance and show him what a large northern soul crowd is all about !!!

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