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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Soul Junction again team up with the Poindexter Brothers for the latest release featuring two rare and collectable sides both of which are almost impossible to find these days on originals. Top side is from Vivian Copeland with the Brothers on the flip. View full article
  2. sociologists and criminologists at university/research level? That would be the drug culture would it not? It is so tame nowadays would they find much of interest to a criminologist? Maybe the bootlegging? Yes. drugs are still about but no more than any club scene, even the local townies. As I mentioned earlier I attended the lecture the author gave at Salford and whilst she had a basic understanding there was still much they got wrong or didn't understand. Much of what they "lectured" was still researched from the 70s it seemed and not much from the intervening decades. Be interesting to see how much of a better understanding they have in the passing years between the lecture and the publication.
  3. Don't think it left the plant for distribution did it?
  4. Diggin' it may be the songwriter on WLT alongside Coplin, Lewis is Jay Lewis who was Little Joe Hinton under another name at some point in his career and worked and recorded for Motown. It is possible he heard the Precision and took it back to Dallas? All juts guess though. He recorded for Motown in 70 so after both the Precessions and Stemmons Express was released. lewis songwriter&f=false
  5. Sam Coplin owned Karma along with family members and it is a Dallas based label, 2730 Stemmons Freeway Rm 610, listing Sam Coplin as President, Leonard Coplin as Vice-President, and Gerald Coplin as Secretary/Treasurer. According to a comment on 45cat Sam Coplin was also Gerald if I ma reading it right? Stemmons Express taking their name from the label address it seems.
  6. Vessie was in the Ribbons. The LA Renfro Sequins were Ruth Davis, Lee Hill & Moddess King The A&M Sequins were Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Patty Hunt. There was several other Sequins, Ohio, Detroit, Chicago etc. The Ribbons may have changed their name to the Sequins bit never recorded under that name.
  7. Had a discussion about The Ribbons on Facebook. She or they were not the Sequins nor the Sandpapers etc. Sequins were the Holloway sisters and a cousin. The Sandpapers was a straight reissue of the Ribbons and as far as I know someone just changed the name, I don't think the Ribbons were still together at the time of the re-release.
  8. This weeks show (16th January) with Dean, Gez and Kitch featuring two hours of mid-tempo magic.
  9. Seen it on ebay but as a double Lp, vol 1&2 Sale from a few years ago....
  10. Don't buy a Fitbit, they cannot tell when you are exercising or driving, drove for 3 hours and did 3500 steps, crock of crap. Tom Tom had some fair reviews less than £40 on amazon. Garmin get good reviews too. Me, I'm more than happy with my Apple Watch.
  11. One surviving member in each, money making exercise for them as the original singers are no longer here. more like a tribute act
  12. The prices were skewed out of reality by one daft auction result. You then get the sheep joining in for a while. It wasn’t too long ago it could be got for a reasonable price and maybe it is just heading back towards reality price wise?
  13. Apparently there is a magazine article from when she got her first record contract, she also won some sort of competition apparently. Something like Jet magazine if you can find it. Des Parker has or had a copy. I also read she was married to Herman Griffin but I can't find anything to back it up. @Soul Inc
  14. Its one of the Catching On test presses, few about.
  15. Betty Lloyd of the Percells on the right
  16. Obviously an assumption on his part given that Butterball has a release on the same label. All the evidence though points to a Walter Williams.
  17. Other way round Come Closer the A side. Used to play Come Closer out late 80s, don’t think I ever played TMG out.
  18. There is a promo photo of Betty on site somewhere. I have an autographed scan of one but it was given in confidence so cannot post.
  19. Joker the best film I’ve seen this year by a long stretch. The Irishman I thought was really good as well. I’ve now watched it twice and intend to watch it again. Just don’t get sucked in to examining their faces. Fantastic performances from all three stars as you would expect.
  20. According to catalogue of entries it is Walter Williams & Bobby Freeman't+want+to+see+us+together&source=bl&ots=DcxcIj3GtJ&sig=ACfU3U0rl4wuSLznnl8CpJuyN-MNfuEHGQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiYlKHh0oLnAhWNURUIHTTYBQ8Q6AEwBXoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=bobby and walter they don't want to see us together&f=false
  21. Two different records Kirsty, the top one is covered up as Joseph Webster
  22. I thought it excellent. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ,The Irishman & Joker. Joker best film and best leading actor. Brad Pitt best actor in a supporting role. But the Academy will probably go for the shit films no one watched

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