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    Been into Soul for all my life thanks to milder sister who was a Mod girl in the 60's listening to her records blasting out of her out of bounds bedroom !!!!!

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  1. Sweet Soul Alldayer, Guests, Greg Belson Claire Kalvis Jim Edwards Daddy Bones Rob Kay Resident Promoter Tommy Charles
  2. Robkay


    Looking forward to it, Hope to see you there.
  3. Well kids, seems like ages since the last Groovin, Looking forward to seeing old friends and new hopefully, Great venue, great music, great company, and as i always say, its Free Groovin on a sunny Sunday afternoon, ummmm good title for a tune i think See you there, Rob.
  4. Happy New year, i know a bit belated, but like the rest of the country, i've had the VIRUS !!!???? Feeling better now, really looking forward to our 1st of 2018, hopefully bringing some great guest's this year, and of course John & Andy are no exception, as ever, Great Tunes, Great Venue, Great Company + it's FREE Rob.
  5. Robkay


    Looking forward to another afternoon of fantastic TUNES, COMPANY and a few drinks aswell !!!! See you there, ps don't forget ..........it's free Rob
  6. Really looking forward to seeing everyone tonight TOP line up, TOP venue. Rob
  7. Really looking forward to Sunday, Thanks to Ady & the Team for inviting me to play. See you there, as the Flyer says........ it's free. Rob
  8. Robkay


    Hi all, One sad thing and one happy thing to report The sad one is that one of our team, Dave Lucas, has had to go into Hospital, for a operation, so won't be there, i'm sure all of you want to send him Best Wishes and a speedy recovery. The happy one, is that it's MY OLD PAL Simon Hunt's Birthday, on the day, so better get him on early before he drinks all his presents !!!!!!!! So 21 again for him Come along and let's give him the BUMPS, HA Rob
  9. Robkay


    Well, what more can i say, !!!!!! Was a great afternoon last time, somebody said even Elton John was there in disguise !!!! Great guest"s this time A great afternoon of " Tunes" with friends See you all there Best Rob
  10. Really looking forward to playing again, and hopefully see you all there We will miss Jim, VERY SAD. Rob.
  11. Hi Everyone, really looking forward to next Sunday at our our new venue, it's great, the first time i went in, i knew it was right. Come along and see what you think, shame about the 5 Lamps, just getting a real good vibe, anyway we can carry on where we left off !!!!! Great guests this time, great music, great company, great venue Hope too see you there. Best, Rob K
  12. No shorts etc please, casual but smart, ladies, dress's and gents, we would prefer ties Thanks, Groovin management. ha ha he he Looking forward to a great afternoon of tuneage and social catching up. Best Rob.
  13. Hi everyone, Really looking forward to Sunday, having missed the last Groooooovin in Dec 2 TOP dj's with great collections of TUNES are our guests this time, will be the usual crap from the residents !!!!! Hopefully see you all on Sunday, as Kev says, its a great venue, food, good ales, so many ales !!!!, great room, for a Sunday of all kinds of Soul Music Rob.
  14. Evening Dave, Good to see you both at the weekend, what an effort those guys did !!!!!!, one of the best weekends i've had .... The £££££ keeps rolling in, great cause. Would you consider a "deal", would like 2 copies of Kevin Drinkard, also am interested in Jimmy Reed, Would you do the 3 for £225, cash ??? Very best, Rob.

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