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    people who tell the truth and are not afraid to show their feelings qaulity soul music regardless of price good football whoevers playing(that includes huddersfield) good beer, and women who are good listeners, jackie wilson, beat ballads, monty python and anything that makes people laugh
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    Corvettes - Your blue

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  1. Hi has anyone got a copy of this or know where is a copy thanks
  2. One on Discogs for £475 mint-
  3. My mate has one for set sale at the moment
  4. Norris vines - give in mint copy £1200
  5. Ronnie Wilson-Boy in the crowd-Karate vg++ £500
  6. Hi has anyone got a copy of joe Walker we need each other on sing song thanks Paul
  7. Soul bros inc -Pyramid -Golden eye vg++ £1200SOLD Four coins-Maybe she’s right - Lanco vg++ £1500

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