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    wife swappers favourite
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    people who tell the truth and are not afraid to show their feelings qaulity soul music regardless of price good football whoevers playing(that includes huddersfield) good beer, and women who are good listeners, jackie wilson, beat ballads, monty python and anything that makes people laugh
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    Corvettes - Your blue
  1. Hi has anyone got a copy of this for sale thanks
  2. Soft touch

    Hi has anyone got a copy of Soft touch look up look down on sundance thanks Paul.
  3. P5OULH

  4. marcell strong

    Marcell Strong - Mumble in my ear - Fame anyone got one of these for sale thanks Paul.
  5. Butch johnson

    Hi has anyone got a copy of Butch johnson smooth dancin on Kandun thanks Paul.
  6. Joe brackenridge - girl for me

    Very hard record to locate sold mine this year for £200 to Dave halsall a bargain only ever seen one other copy good luck flip is not bad neither
  7. Sold my original but want one back if anyone has one for sale Paul.
  8. Max romer

    Hi has anyone got a copy of Max romer i still believe in love on honey for sale thanks Paul.
  9. Ralph johnson

    Have your fun Master Key Does anyone have a copy of this please thanks Paul.
  10. Roger talbot

    Roger Talbot - Anything So Easy To Lose - MFR 105 Does anyone have a copy of this please thanks Paul.
  11. Which Rarity Has Lasted The Longest?

    Billy woods and Mr Lucky
  12. Which Rarity Has Lasted The Longest?

    Been two on ebay in the last year one on at the moment !
  13. Pic And Bill ‎– The Soul Of A Man Lp

    I have Thirty minutes of soul with Baby come back on vibration what does a copy go for now its mint -
  14. Dab Of Soul At The Seaside Weekender Playlists

    All i can do is reiterate what everyone has said and summed up in previous posts and thank Chris and Dave for their hard work putting on the weekend. From the moment we arrived Friday i never stopped laughing,we had the most wonderful weekend great friends ol...

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