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    al coney
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    good quality soul music, reading ,martial arts and above all living life to the full with friends and my partner
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    Newton Aycliffe
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    Richard Marks-Did u ever lose something-Tuska

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  1. Tim, its Al Coney,hope you are well, just wanted to say mate, the fanzine of yours Tracks to my mind,is brilliant, I pulled my copy out over the christmas period to read again, to be honest I had forgotten how much information is in it.If people are not messaging you constantly to buy a copy then I am afraid the soul scene is in a very poor state. Take care Tim and hopefully will c u out and about somewhere in 2018 as I am mow fully recovered after my twisted testicle and hernia escapade last year,and if you had heard the rumours Andy Dyson was telling everyone how I had done it trust me mate they aint true.Take care Tim best always Al Coney (ps is your address still lecder avenue let me know mate as i got that dvd of Andy with Ralph soul Jackson and Herman Hitson copied if you want a copy mate)
  2. jaymancha

    Does this look kosher LOL

    Derek its Al Coney if that is real ill show my ass in harrods window,take care and all the best for2018
  3. jaymancha


    Hi I have copies of most of the mags you are after if you still require them pm me and I will let you know what I have and a price.Best Allan
  4. jaymancha

    1000+ Northern Soul / Soul 45's For Sale.

    Hi Roger, Please could you e mail a list to allanconey@hotmail.co.uk many thanks best Allan
  5. jaymancha

    Bishop Auckland Rugby Club

    Hi Glen its Al Coney, Ill see you there pal I think you hav my old mobile no as Don said you were going to contact me, my new one best well has been for 2 odd year now is 07516675402 Best Al and Jayne
  6. jaymancha


    Hi Kev its Al Coney have an acetate of the track i think slightly diff cut from issue on Rondo let me check mate hope you are well best always Al Coney
  7. jaymancha


  8. any track listings for the atlanta soul sessions detroit soul hunters and chicago soul treasures lps sos if too much hassle to do listings i understand best Allan
  9. jaymancha

    Nick Stevenson R.I.P

    Nick you were a great guy, a very good friend, and a guy who knew the true meaning of soul music, you will be sadly missed and in the words of the Johnny Robinson okeh recording you may be GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. God Bless RIP Nick my friend. Al Coney
  10. jaymancha


    I missed the last two lifeline niters due to personal stuff but to me personally lifeline was one of a very few venues playing quality upfront soul music, a niter where i always heard something new and as much as andy is one of my closest mates mick also total respect to them for having the balls to promote a venue playing upfront quality music ,I know Andy was not happy with the direction that some of the music was going at some of the latest lifeline niters ie, getting a bit too funky and garage sounding.I hope and pray that Andy and Mick pull this new venue off for lifeline promotions in Nottingham area in the new year as every type of music has to progress as without progression the music becomes stalwart same old thing week in week out not for me thank you.Where are you gonna hear the likes of Andy spinning Speedlimits cant say no to my baby(courtesy of Tim Ashibende respect always mate) Richard Marks Did you ever lose someting,Bette Willis unissued track to name a few,RESPECT ALWAYS ANDY MICK and Chalky for keeping the progression of quality soul music alive thro Lifeline Promotions and I sincerely apologise for missing the last two as Ive had some of the best nights of my life at Lifeline promotions at Sheridans .the old bell ,stables and bidds and dont we know it Andy


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