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  1. Hi looking for original copy of Frankie & the classicals/What Shall I Do/Calla.M- condition only please clean labels etc.Please pm Thanks
  2. Hi iam looking for a m- copy in sleeve of jimmy delphs - where there is love/ Hayley HR20 records.Please pm.Thanks. NOW SORTED
  3. Now sorted big thanks to Adey @SILVERFOX records
  4. Lookin for a m- copy of al de lory/right on/USA Capitol ony please pm.Thanks.
  5. Ok thanks for info but were does JH11362/PB11362 DEMO fit in stereo/mono both sides 3.58.Thanks.
  6. Hi quick question any body know which USA demo came first thats which order of the nite liters/k jee.. seems to be 4 different label nos.Thanks.
  7. No one got one for sale iam still looking.
  8. Hi after an original copy of RPM GENERATION /RONA'S THEME/ROMA demo or issue must be ex to m- condition please pm.Thanks.
  9. Hi anybody tell me which was released first picture sleeve with clear vinyl or black vinyl issue.Thanks.

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