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  1. A friend of mine did a fantastic job listing all the artists, songs, records,etc..from Louisianna. Not exhaustive of course but a goldmine for every New Orleans music collector. It's written in French but there are more pictures and listings than texts. Here it is : https://monola.net/ One of the pages : https://monola.net/labc0035.htm Of course any addition is welcomed !
  2. Are there some wasps in the nest ? If so it may be dangerous.
  3. Russ I know it's an unique experience and I'll never forget it. When she first arrived I was just reading a book on the table touching my cat. Then she came, she hoped and walked, we watched her and it seemed that she watched us, too ! After a while I decided to get my camera in the bedroom then I took the pictures, she saw me and went away...I put back the camera in the bedroom then I sat down at the table and took my book. Then, one more time she came back and did the same dance ! Hoopoes are frequent in my area and they are familiar birds, always living near farms/houses.
  4. Yesterday my cat and me had a visit : we were at the table near the window when this hoopoe arrived on the other side of the window, less than 1 m from us and stayed there 4 or 5 minutes walking along the window and watching us, or its reflect on the window. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I'd have never seen a hooopoe so close and so long. And the cat didn't care !
  5. Hi Cambo, this book is pretty rare I only saw this copy : https://fr.shopping.rakuten.com/offer/buy/3602637353/fabulous-ep-covers-de-daniel-delorme-format-beau-livre.html Good luck to you !
  6. Honestly Dave, by seeing the flowers I can almost smell them ! All is well here in France, thank you. I'm privileged as I'm living in a tiny village lost in the woods so I can walk as long as I want whenever I want. Nature is beautiful these days.
  7. Yes he is Blackpool, here in France we had only ONE Richard Anthony lol
  8. It's evidence Steve. Wayout girl is right : most of your photos would fit perfectly for this calendar. Of course I can't remember all of them but some are really beautiful ! That said, when a Country calendar is made of studio photos we can question the serious of this calendar... But you should give a try : you've got nothing to loose !

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