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  1. Very nice too

    I'm not sure about this, there's plenty of fake honey, mostly from China : http://www.foodrenegade.com/your-honey-isnt-honey/ I think the best way to get good honey is to buy it from a small local producer.
  2. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Who is the male Steve ? Here we still have some beautiful days. At 7pm this afternoon :
  3. this is what can you get for three quid these days

    Maybe Godz, but I'm sure that we have much worse down here, French "variété" is pure crap !
  4. this is what can you get for three quid these days

    No, I've never heard of her.
  5. Value Please

    $295.00 USD on March 26, 2017 : http://collectorsfrenzy.com/search?q=Grier+Bros&search-button=
  6. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Hmmm will I eat it ???
  7. Mike. Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mike !
  8. What's that sound ?

    On the French forum Funk-O-Logy one guy asked what is the song of this clip, maybe someone can help him ? TIA.
  9. Philippe

  10. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Fantastic pictures Steve !!!
  11. Show us your great photos (2017)

    It's MY basket !!!
  12. Please sign this petition

    Signed. I sign petitions everyday, there're so many distress in this world !
  13. Show us your great photos (2017)

    You're welcome Steve, but my "pictures" are just some amateur testimony. Nothing compared to yours that should deserve to be published, as someone previously said. Seriously, aren't you interested in publishing them, or offering/selling them to some specialis...
  14. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Today the young swallows spent their first day of a new life then returned to go sleeping... And I realized they were five !
  15. Show us your great photos (2017)

    In the past we had plenty of swallows coming at Spring but during these last years their number reduced drastically. It seems that they are coming back, last year we saw a few of them in our village. They bring life around the house and I love to see the...