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  1. Hi Peter welcome back ! You put his leash around his nose to keep him from biting (other dogs) ? He's beauttiful !
  2. One leaf is not enough, not even 50 or 100 as THC is in the flowers. But you can make space cakes with them But your plant is cannabis, sometimes plants or even trees may grow suddenly in some unlikely places, and without having being planted before. I know that birds can bring the seeds, too.
  3. Right, and also because it gives a better idea of dimensions than say, x hectares/acres.
  4. Philippe


    Beware Jaco, it's really hot. And what's more, they use air conditionning at the coldest !
  5. Philippe


    A friend of mine is living in Thaïland and he has to endure that kind of temperature.
  6. I got my copy from a French dealer on Discogs and it was O.K. https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?master_id=1524265&ev=mb
  7. Better late than never, Happy Birthday Dave !
  8. CD only, from DFTMC : Hanging On (William Stevenson-Ivy Jo Hunter) published Jobete 15-Aug-65 alt title: Hanging On (To A Love That's Really Not Mine) Marvin Gaye; recorded Hitsville, completed 30-Jan-64 ; produced by William Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter [pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Jobete 28-Sep-99; CD (M): Motown 153 868 2 Love Starved Heart - Expanded Edition
  9. So true ! In France we call them idiophiles, a word play as idiot = stupid. All they think about is improve their installation, it's just an endless and ruinous situation. Collecting only LP's (I know, shame on me ! ) I'm an armchair listener and I'm very happy with my system : Thorens TD 145 MKII, Musical Fidelity B200 and Jean-Marie Reynaud speakers.
  10. Philippe

    Goo Gone

    I use it and it works fine.

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