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  1. There is another band called The Magnificent Seven (notice the change from '7'). They are also a white group and released a good Northern 45 on 'New Groove'.
  2. I actually posted that photo of the Magnificent 7 on Discogs. It comes from a picture sleeve of them when they were called The Temptashuns...
  3. I heard this record by The Chapters and was blown away! I think it has massive 'Northern' potential. Obviously blue-eyed, it's not in Manship's guide or even in TeenBeat Mayhem (US Garage/slight Northern Discography). I just wondered whether it was known on the scene? Might not be everyone's cuppa but those who like stuff like The Chevrons (Love, I Love You) or 7 Dwarfs 'Stop Girl' will like it. I've never seen one for sale.
  4. I remember hearing it out, in fact I bought it as a 'Northern Soul' tune, probably around 1980.
  5. Found this, ties in with Blackpoolsoul's clipping, this is the 'Airtown' group. 7 members including 2 brothers...
  6. EDIT: Had a photo but found out it wasn't them, so removed.
  7. Tommy Wills is a white saxophonist, but there's no photos anywhere of the 'Airtown' Vondells.
  8. 'It's An Uphill Climb....' is on 'Too Much!' https://www.discogs.com/Lou-Rawls-Too-Much/master/309340
  9. I always presumed the 'Airtown' Vondells were a white group?
  10. Came out as a 45 in 1979 on 'Spectator'. Limited to 200 apparently. Worth posting though
  11. Yeah, I bet that plays the 'Frankie Valli' LP version from 1975 which does indeed differ from the UK 45.... here it is..
  12. Is this the Riley's band then? (Basically 'The Detroit Wheels')
  13. Don't think the Discogs photo is correct for the Brunswick group. 45cat is only showing the one release and notes claim there is 3 of them in the group. Here's a quote from jukeboxgeorge on that site regarding the Brunswick 45. According to John Clemente's Girl Groups: Fabulous Females Who Rocked the World, this trio was Sylvia Hammond (formerly of The Clickettes), Gloria Gilbert, and Jehoshabeth (Jay) Dunston. They hooked up with Samada Productions (Sampson Horton/Bobby Adams) when Johnnielouise Richardson was slow in securing a deal for the trio.
  14. For Soul I've always been a fan of this one... For UK Reggae I love these but I only have a couple myself as they are tough to find...
  15. Yeah OK, fair play. I'll edit my posts on there. Apologies Mike.
  16. Just added both acetates on 45cat, someone on there may hopefully come up with the answers.
  17. Just want to add, there is a 45 of this by the writer of it, Paul Anka on RCA Victor. Only trouble is it's sung in Italian!
  18. Nice one, I've just been listening to a load of Johnny's 45's on Decca. Top Boogaloo stuff!
  19. Oh that reminds me. Sounds Superb LP alt version of 'There's A Ghost In My House'
  20. Wow, took ages to be released in the UK then! That's why I thought it was a recent spin. Cheers.

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