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  1. John Benson

    Leslie Uggams Original or Boot

    If you mean the boot of the issue, then it's a black label. https://www.discogs.com/Leslie-Uggams-Love-Is-A-Good-Foundation/release/3514639 Whereas the original issue is purple with a face in the background. https://www.discogs.com/Leslie-Uggams-Love-Is-A-Good-Foundation/release/3365419 Demos and boots of demos are also on there. I think it's still safe to say that all current boot demos don't have the 'face' Whereas the grey original demo does! But I'm not certain if there is more than the one original style of promo?
  2. John Benson

    Lets clean up the ghetto promo's

    Here's that old thread, from January 2007, almost 11 years back! It's mixed in among a discussion about collectible Philly Int records, well worth a read from start to finish.
  3. John Benson

    Jay T

    There's one in sales - if you're still looking
  4. John Benson

    CD information

    I've just had a trawl though my email 'archives' to when I bought the CD from them and it's dated August 7th 2011. I think the Cd was first released in July of that year... As Chalky says, I seem to think it's a CDR, although without going looking for it, I can't recall if it had a 'proper' label or what? Going through that website via the link that Graham posted, if you click on the 'History' tab on the left http://www.kingdomcomeforever.com/home/history-gloria-jimmy-the-tiaras You get this: History Gloria, Jimmy & the Tiaras Kingdom Come Forever Records came into existence as of May 2011 and the owner is Lou Barreto. Lou has been around the music business, not only as a writer but as a record producer and promoter in conjunction with another producer, Rod Bumgardner (also a writer). Both of them were the producers for all the songs on the CD album that features Gloria Jones, Jimmy McFarland, and the Tiaras. Lou wrote most of the songs on the CD album, but Rod and Nick Drury were the writers on “You’re My Man.” Lou drop out of the music business in February of 1983. Lou said, “the Lord God” spoke to him in February of 1983 at 7pm in his apartment. It was just a few words, “I open and close the doors and I control everything that you are seeking.” Lou said, “He flip out in one thousand of a second” and from that day on he became a Believer in Jesus Christ with one purpose, to pursue the will of God to do the will of God. It was the Lord, it was the Lord and there was not a fraction of a doubt. It was the Lord, the un-invited guest that spoke to me. Amazing. It’s been twenty eight years since that amazing moment in my life. A miracle. The music era of my life sort of came to a halt from 1983 to 2008. To continue with the story of Lou’s involvement with the music business, Lou, back in the year of 2008, had nothing better to do than to do an internet search on one of his songs and up came several of his songs. To his surprise, the songs were very popular with Northern Soul crowd in the UK. From that moment on Lou became involved with the music industry trying to collect back royalties from record companies that had his songs on many albums and Lou became more involved tracking down record companies that were exploiting his tunes. Eventually Lou became involved with the formation of new record company in 2010. Lou and Rod decided to go back in time and examine what tapes or vinyl they had on Jimmy McFarland, Tiaras and other performers. Lo and behold, Rod came up with a vinyl recording of Gloria performing "Gone With The Wind is My Love." Lou made the decision to form Kingdom Come Forever Records back in the year 2010 and to create a CD album compilation featuring Gloria Jones, Jimmy McFarland and the Tiaras. Gloria's version of “Gone With The Wind is My Love” is feature on the CD album. This song by Gloria was buried, lost and forgotten many years ago. In June of 2010, Lou and Rod Bumgardner found the vinyl recording of Gloria's performance which was recorded at Nashville West Recording studio and when Lou heard it, he said "Wow." Gloria was the original performer on the original master tracks and never release. Since Lou could not reach an agreement with Gloria's management company, Lou removed Gloria's voice from the track and found another performer to record the tune, Rita Graham. Prior to removing Gloria's voice from the master, Lou made a vynil recording of Gloria's performance and sort of buried the vynil in Rods cellar until the discovery of the tune. And then Lou began his search for Gloria in 2010. Lou finally made contact with Gloria and got together with Gloria in Los Angeles in November 2010 to sign an agreement to release the song. Gloria was excited about the song as it was being played. Gloria said, “It’s a blessing from heaven above.” Gloria is still musically active & known in the US, Sierra Leone West Africa, UK, & Germany for “Tainted Love” and many other songs that are listed on YouTube. The Tiaras performed the back up vocals for “Gone With The Wind is My Love.” Gloria currently resides in several parts of the world-United States, West Africa and she is involved with the creation of a new school of music to educate the younger generation in Sierra Leone. Gloria is still available for engagements and performance on TV, Radio and stage. Gloria has been a very busy lady and looks great. She also has a son Rolan who is involved with the music business as a performer in the LA area of California and another son who is married. And Lou discover another song that was lost and forgotten years ago. It was Jimmy McFarland's original "Blowing My Mind To Pieces," with the Tiaras doing the backup vocals. . Jimmy's never released performance is powerful and exciting. Not only did Jimmy record the original 3 minute version, but also a new arrangement which is on the CD. The CD features both the original and new arrangement. Jimmy is very active in the music business as a performer in the San Antonio Texas area. Jimmy has recorded many tunes over the years from "Lonely Lover” to “You Make Me Feel Like A Man.” He was also the lead singer for the Los Blues Band and played various instruments. Jimmy is still available for engagements and performance on TV, Radio, and stage. The Tiaras are also feature on the CD with their performance on “You’re My Man” and Love’s Made A Connection. Their performance speaks for itself. A blend of soul with a touch of Rhythm and Blues. The Tiaras are from the Orange county area and some reside in Los Angeles. The Tiaras performed all the back up vocals for both Gloria and Jimmy. The song You’re My Man” by the Tiaras really sounds like a winner. It has to be heard. Edna Woods of the Tiaras, back in the 80's, also performed with the Ikette and Tina Turner back i n the 80's for several years-touring with the group in the US and the UK. The songs by Gloria and Jimmy has never been heard by the general public music audience or radio jocks-including the Tiaras song “You’re My Man.”Kingdom Come Forever Records will attempt to promote these songs as new releases to the general public since the arrangements on these songs can be consider as current with today’s sound and message with a twist of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, and Pop. The CD Digital Downloads will be purchased on CD Baby and the Physical CD can be purchased at Kunaki Distributors via this website....... http://www.kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00U9R7RF
  5. John Benson

    Gladys Knight Just Walk Acetate

    I guess it's a single sided disc Paul? I can't imagine it being one done by a private individual during the early 70s prior to it's re-issue in 1972 as the US copies weren't that hard to pick up. I have a similar looking Pye acetate with that same label and have also seen others that weren't Pye releases, as is this one. Didn't Pye do acetates for other labels as well as their own things? I seem to think I read it once somewhere. No idea on a price though...
  6. John Benson

    Import duty?

    I think that Royal Mail info might be a little out of date Andy, the VAT amount is now for items valued over £15. Here's one I received today for an item costing $22 - cost me an extra £13.32, of which the VAT was £5.32, the other £8 of course was 'handling'
  7. Peter Royer is the only one I could think of, but that's not the female one is it...
  8. John Benson


    I've had it on and off for the past 8 years or so. The past year it's got really bad, sometimes to the point that it overpowers actual sounds / voices nearby. i just try to ignore it, but it's hard...
  9. John Benson

    Dells - Run for cover

    GRT bought Chess records in late 1969 and in August 1975 sold it on to All Platinum. So those GRT pressed copies must have been released during that 5 year period?
  10. John Benson


    Or you could always look for something like this one, from Australia
  11. John Benson


    I did come across "I'm so glad" while searching through the BMI Repertoire, listed under Thomas Randolph Bell, along with Sherman Marshall and Ted Wortham ( BMI Work # 664975). But there's no artists linked to it to see if I could I.D. it any further, so couldn't be sure if it's this song or not. Saying that no artists were linked to it doesn't mean much though really, there's plenty of well known songs by him and many others that don't have singers connected to them, so it's not really the end of things, it just isn't as easy as it could have been! Anyone got connections with any of the writers of the song that you could ask?.. http://repertoire.bmi.com/title.asp?blnWriter=True&blnPublisher=True&blnArtist=True&keyID=664975&ShowNbr=0&ShowSeqNbr=0&querytype=WorkID
  12. John Benson


    Well, I've drawn a blank also - I'm guessing the title to be something along the lines of "I'm so glad I found love in you" - or some combination of those words! Agreed with Sunnysoul, it's got all the hallmarks of a Philly tune such as the sort of thing The Stylistics were doing in the early to mid 70's. Not so much a coincidence then that "Make it last" was also recorded by The Stylistics. Maybe we need to start looking at Thom Bell & Linda Creed material on other similar artists. BMI may be of help as well?
  13. John Benson

    Soft Touch - Look Up Look Down

    Just a guess, but I'd say it's just a different pressing plant that did them. It's not uncommon for things like this to happen. I imagine in those days it was more a case of a telephone call or an information sheet telling the type setter what to print on the label and maybe not always telling them exactly where to put it all - as long as it's on there somewhere. Maybe someone else can elaborate on this theory?
  14. John Benson

    Tommy Tate; Sad news

    Great story Bob, thanks for sharing it with us!
  15. So... unless Sam was a member of the Ohio Players, this also doesn't count? I know there was a James Williams but don't think he and Sam are the same person?


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