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  1. Just spotted this after not long since adding the Bell Sound promo to Discogs. My copy, which I bought in the early to mid 80s also plays the wrong sides but confusingly, as Pep says, the matrix numbers match the labels. Which to my mind also suggests a mastering mistake, not just the labels being on the wrong sides (As some people tend to say) I've just added a note to the Discogs entry to try and explain this - it's not easy! Anyway, more to the point, I got wondering, as not all the promo copies are 'reversed' - do any issue copies exist like this, or was it discovered at the promo stage and corrected for releases? Mr Manship's latest guide has lots of the variants listed, but I couldn't see this one mentioned...
  2. Here you go, the review itself plus part of the page with it on to give it some context.
  3. I'm sure lots of you will be aware that this was and still is around on quite a few 12" singles - still sounds good though!
  4. I've come across a few random USA singles with a solid centre (not those from other countries). But I just assumed they missed the dinking press for whatever reason. Maybe for quality control inspection purposes, I never really found out for sure. They don't have any promo markings as you might expect if they were intended for DJs, radio or clubs. But it's an interesting subject for the anorak types among us!
  5. J McHugh is actually Jimmy McHugh - going by the stamp on this label. What makes you think the name is Janice?
  6. Before he got working there, Ray and a few others used to go up Sheffield on a Saturday night and me and some mates used to meet up with him. I bet I haven't seen or heard of him since the late 70's.
  7. Yes Ed, it's Gordon - There's quite a few others on the photos that are no longer with us, Bub of course , Terry Lambert in the middle two with the pinky red jumper & Neil Griffiths in the last one with the jacket and tie, just right of centre. Scary isn't it!
  8. Both the Epic and the Soul 45s have the same writers 'G. Knight - G. Allan' So it's a good guess it's the same person - I always assumed it is, for what it's worth!
  9. I was a regular there from the back end of 1970 up to around probably early 1975, although I did go now and again later than that. I know a lot of the names mentioned already and still see quite a few from time to time. I remember Dave Growns before he was the DJ there, he was bouncing on the door for a while before that. Big Ray Slater was also a bouncer for some years as was little John (Rose?) I spent many a night there, and can still remember a time when you had to get there early and queue to get in when it opened - not forgetting it closed at midnight!
  10. I'd never noticed before, how much like Jerry Butler he sounds - more so on "I can take it all". It's nice to know connections like this - thanks!
  11. This was my contribution to Soul Essence 37 in the Jim Wray Lounge, also 'warming up' for Bernadette Bascom prior to her PA in there Saturday 6th April 13:00 Impressions - Sooner or later - Warner Bros Vic Marcel - You still got me - RCA Gloria Walker - My precious love - Federal Sarah Simpson - All of a sudden - Soul-Po-Tion Marva Whitney - Your love was good for me - King Ella Washington - It must be love - SS7 Ferris Fitzgerald - Got to find my baby - Impact George Tindley - So help me woman - Wand Peoples Choice - Don't send me away - PIR Black & Blue - Of all the hearts to break - Game Winfield Parker - Will there ever be another love for me - Wand Johnny Truitt - Just the other day - Abet Arthur Conley - Put our love together - Atco Seventh Wonder - Ain't nothing gonna break us up - Abet Sam Dees - Tag tag - Diggin' Deep Walter Jackson - Not you - Okeh Carla Thomas - Love among people - Stax Lee Shot Williams - Baby baby - Jewell Betty Everett - People around me - ABC Brief Encounter - I'm so satisfied - Seventy Seven Len Woods - I'm in love - Revue Odia Coates - Make it up to me baby - Buddah Thanks to all who came and listened!
  12. If you mean the boot of the issue, then it's a black label. https://www.discogs.com/Leslie-Uggams-Love-Is-A-Good-Foundation/release/3514639 Whereas the original issue is purple with a face in the background. https://www.discogs.com/Leslie-Uggams-Love-Is-A-Good-Foundation/release/3365419 Demos and boots of demos are also on there. I think it's still safe to say that all current boot demos don't have the 'face' Whereas the grey original demo does! But I'm not certain if there is more than the one original style of promo?
  13. Here's that old thread, from January 2007, almost 11 years back! It's mixed in among a discussion about collectible Philly Int records, well worth a read from start to finish.
  14. There's one in sales - if you're still looking

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