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  1. Hound dog bought in Italy. Ted Taylor- lost the best thing I ever had. Dade,
  2. first got into the music late 60s . remember our steve (midgley) going to places like BIN LID, WHEEL,CATACOOMBS, MOJO, then later on GEORGES. AND THE HUB IN BARNSLEY, and bringing back these sounds. for me to listen to and telling me what a great time he had with all his mates. ROB SLATER. BUB.COL EVERSIDGE. PHIL STABLES . JOHN & TOMMY LITHERLAND and many more friends from around the country. He would never take me with him.said i was too young and would cramp his style lol?, stil listening and loving the music and getting to the odd venue forty years on. our steve would be amazed lol,
  3. my latest ringtone jimmy mccracklin-you cant raise me,awesome?

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